Saturday, October 27, 2007

Trey Songz - Trey Day...

After 2 years, Trey Songz is back doing his thing with his highly anticipated album titled "Trey Day". The R&B singer hailing from Petersburg, VA bounces between his sensitive side "Can't Help But Wait", "Missin You" and "We Should Be". As well as his sexual ballads "No Clothes On", "Sex For Yo Stereo", "Role Play". He's matured tremendously since his last album...for that he gets 4 tonguez up for this album.

Trey has guest appearances from rappers Bun B and Jim Jones. While production comes courtesy of the Runners, Bei Major, Stargate, Danja, Dre & Vidal, Troy Taylor, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, and R. Kelly. (I knew that R. Kelly had something to do with him period, he sounds like a mini Pied Piper...=0*.) Most of the artist that's coming out, can be compared to other artist in the game due to the fact that there voices are enhanced. Trey is in a different league. When he first came out, people compared him to R. Kelly, which I got offended by. (No one is in Kells category, he's a musical genius). After analyzing Trey's first album "Gotta Make It" and his second album "Trey Day", I understand where they're coming from.

Cop the album (Only from Hot Waxx tho...*Shameless Plug*) won't be disappointed!!!

J. Holiday - Back of My Lac...

I know, I's a bit late for those who already have the album (In stores *Hot Waxx* as of Oct. 2nd.) To those who didn't get it as of yet, go ' won't be a waste of time or money. I wasn't a fan or better yet, the "Bed" craze/crave that hit the majority of New York...didn't hit me. Not that I wasn't feeling the song or him as a artist, it was more like I didn't get to really hear the song like that. I knew that it had a catchy hook especially with the most of you people being Pervs in all...Just kidding =0*. With that being said, after reviewing this album...I couldn't find a song that I could skip over. His story relates to a lot of ours, this album gets 4 and a 1/2 tonguez up.

J. Holiday is a very gifted vocalist and his debut album tells the world what he's about. "Back Of My Lac" is original, raw, passionate but laid back and most importantly its Real. Its like listening to a love story from beginning to end. This album has a old school flavor with a twist of new school that comes together so wonderfully. It will appeal to both the ladies and germs. If you liked his first two singles, you will fall in love with the rest of the album. I was really surprised to hear that his album was something that could be played all the way through. After speaking to a couple of people, we all agreed that Artist nowadays aren't making music for the long haul. Meaning there albums or singles are just for the present and not the future. I had my doubts at first about Mr. Holiday. I felt that he was just another one hit wonder but I was quickly proven wrong.

J. Holiday is currently #5 on the Billboard Charts. Come and cop the album, you'll be far from disappointed...MONEY BACK GUARANTEED (Only at Hot Waxx, tho =0*.), if you don't like it.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Disney Isn't Only On TV...

Nike is becoming well known for sneakers with themes and yes they've done it again with a Disney pack. The pack includes Air Max BW's (The Incredibles), Dunk highs (Shrek), and Vandal lows (Buzz Lightyear from "Toy Story"). Can't even be mad at Nike this was a very creative idea and I'm sure these kix will have the kids going crazy. Might I add this is a GS(gradeschool) release only!

**The toebox is clear to favor Buzz's helmet**

October '07 Air Jordan Releases

JB isn't making much noise this month...

10/2007 Air Jordan I Nu' Retro Low Women's
317105-061 Black/Sport Red-Deep Garnet

10/2007 Air Jordan I Nu' Retro Low Women's
317105-481 Dark Obsidian/Orange Blaze

10/06/2007 Air Jordan XX2 P.E.
317141-002 Black/Metallic Silver-Dark Charcoal

10/06/2007 Air Jordan XX2 P.E. Seattle
317141-101 White/Metallic Silver-Deep Forest-Pro Gold

10/06/2007 Air Jordan XX2 P.E. Detroit
317141-102 White/Metallic Silver-Varsity Royal

10/06/2007 Air Jordan XX2 P.E. Atlanta
317141-104 White/Metallic Silver-Varsity Red

10/06/2007 Air Jordan XX2 P.E. Dallas
317141-141 White/Midnight Navy-Silver

10/06/2007 Air Jordan XX2 P.E. Denver
317141-103 White/Metallic Silver-University Blue

10/20/2007 Air Jordan VIII Retro
305381-102 White/Stealth-Orange Blaze-Silver

10/20/2007 Air Jordan VIII Retro Women's
316836-401 Ice Blue/Silver-Orange Blaze

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Get Polished with Essie's fall collection!

For those who are into their nails, Essie fall collection is extremely inviting. Essie line of nail enamel is excellent for business or casual affairs. Founded in 1981 by Essie Weingarten who was inspired at the age of 12 to create spirited, warm, delightful nail enamel.

Beauty professionals quickly found Essie's chip-resistant formula, outstanding durability and fashion forward colour selection far superior to anything else on the market. Essie introduces 4 new collections a year seasonally and the line includes over 200 shades, complementing any skin tone.

Don't fall out of fashion...keep your nails on point, it means more than you can imagine. For more info or purchases visit

T.I. has "Big Things Poppin"...Literally!!!

As most of you already know, T.I. (Clifford Harris Jr.) done got in a bit of trouble. He was arrested a couple of hours before he was supposed to appear on the BET Hip Hop Awards show, for attempting to illegally purchase three machine guns and two silencers from a Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms And Explosives (ATF) undercover agent posing as an arms dealer. Later that day, ATF agents conducted a search of T.I.'s house, where they said they found six other firearms in a bedroom closet. They also carried out 10 boxes, papers and folders from the home.

T.I. was taken into custody and appeared before a judge. He had his hands cuffed and legs chained during his appearance, at which he was ordered to be held without bail. He'll return back to the court, when a judge will decide if there was probable cause for his arrest and if he'll be eligible for bail. If convicted of the charges, T.I. could spend (From what is being said) 10 to 15 years in prison.

I hope he gets acquitted from the charges...though it's none of my business. I do realize that you can't always leave your past behind...sometimes it follow you. I personally like T.I...but he's "Burnin'" in this particular situation!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Think Pink...!!!

It's the beautiful month of October! And, I feel so pink. Though blessed, to not have been stricken with this life changing disease "Breast Cancer", I have always been aware of it.

This month is dedicated to the survivors and those who were lost. Take time out this month to think about what it means to you, Educate yourself think ahead "Think Pink"...