Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Check out Tyra B's BRAND NEW Video, 'Givin' Me a Rush'...

Tyra B.'s single "Givin' Me a Rush" has been burning up the airwaves and continues to rise on the radio charts. Check out the brand new video for the smash single "Givin' Me a Rush"

VIDEO: Tyra B. - Givin' Me a Rush

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Chingy ft Amerie 'Fly Like Me' Video Sneak Peek...

Check out exclusive video of Chingy & Amerie behind the scenes at the video shoot for Chingy's brand new single "Fly Like Me".

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Trey Songz - Trey Day...

After 2 years, Trey Songz is back doing his thing with his highly anticipated album titled "Trey Day". The R&B singer hailing from Petersburg, VA bounces between his sensitive side "Can't Help But Wait", "Missin You" and "We Should Be". As well as his sexual ballads "No Clothes On", "Sex For Yo Stereo", "Role Play". He's matured tremendously since his last album...for that he gets 4 tonguez up for this album.

Trey has guest appearances from rappers Bun B and Jim Jones. While production comes courtesy of the Runners, Bei Major, Stargate, Danja, Dre & Vidal, Troy Taylor, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, and R. Kelly. (I knew that R. Kelly had something to do with him period, he sounds like a mini Pied Piper...=0*.) Most of the artist that's coming out, can be compared to other artist in the game due to the fact that there voices are enhanced. Trey is in a different league. When he first came out, people compared him to R. Kelly, which I got offended by. (No one is in Kells category, he's a musical genius). After analyzing Trey's first album "Gotta Make It" and his second album "Trey Day", I understand where they're coming from.

Cop the album (Only from Hot Waxx tho...*Shameless Plug*) won't be disappointed!!!

J. Holiday - Back of My Lac...

I know, I's a bit late for those who already have the album (In stores *Hot Waxx* as of Oct. 2nd.) To those who didn't get it as of yet, go ' won't be a waste of time or money. I wasn't a fan or better yet, the "Bed" craze/crave that hit the majority of New York...didn't hit me. Not that I wasn't feeling the song or him as a artist, it was more like I didn't get to really hear the song like that. I knew that it had a catchy hook especially with the most of you people being Pervs in all...Just kidding =0*. With that being said, after reviewing this album...I couldn't find a song that I could skip over. His story relates to a lot of ours, this album gets 4 and a 1/2 tonguez up.

J. Holiday is a very gifted vocalist and his debut album tells the world what he's about. "Back Of My Lac" is original, raw, passionate but laid back and most importantly its Real. Its like listening to a love story from beginning to end. This album has a old school flavor with a twist of new school that comes together so wonderfully. It will appeal to both the ladies and germs. If you liked his first two singles, you will fall in love with the rest of the album. I was really surprised to hear that his album was something that could be played all the way through. After speaking to a couple of people, we all agreed that Artist nowadays aren't making music for the long haul. Meaning there albums or singles are just for the present and not the future. I had my doubts at first about Mr. Holiday. I felt that he was just another one hit wonder but I was quickly proven wrong.

J. Holiday is currently #5 on the Billboard Charts. Come and cop the album, you'll be far from disappointed...MONEY BACK GUARANTEED (Only at Hot Waxx, tho =0*.), if you don't like it.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Disney Isn't Only On TV...

Nike is becoming well known for sneakers with themes and yes they've done it again with a Disney pack. The pack includes Air Max BW's (The Incredibles), Dunk highs (Shrek), and Vandal lows (Buzz Lightyear from "Toy Story"). Can't even be mad at Nike this was a very creative idea and I'm sure these kix will have the kids going crazy. Might I add this is a GS(gradeschool) release only!

**The toebox is clear to favor Buzz's helmet**

October '07 Air Jordan Releases

JB isn't making much noise this month...

10/2007 Air Jordan I Nu' Retro Low Women's
317105-061 Black/Sport Red-Deep Garnet

10/2007 Air Jordan I Nu' Retro Low Women's
317105-481 Dark Obsidian/Orange Blaze

10/06/2007 Air Jordan XX2 P.E.
317141-002 Black/Metallic Silver-Dark Charcoal

10/06/2007 Air Jordan XX2 P.E. Seattle
317141-101 White/Metallic Silver-Deep Forest-Pro Gold

10/06/2007 Air Jordan XX2 P.E. Detroit
317141-102 White/Metallic Silver-Varsity Royal

10/06/2007 Air Jordan XX2 P.E. Atlanta
317141-104 White/Metallic Silver-Varsity Red

10/06/2007 Air Jordan XX2 P.E. Dallas
317141-141 White/Midnight Navy-Silver

10/06/2007 Air Jordan XX2 P.E. Denver
317141-103 White/Metallic Silver-University Blue

10/20/2007 Air Jordan VIII Retro
305381-102 White/Stealth-Orange Blaze-Silver

10/20/2007 Air Jordan VIII Retro Women's
316836-401 Ice Blue/Silver-Orange Blaze

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Get Polished with Essie's fall collection!

For those who are into their nails, Essie fall collection is extremely inviting. Essie line of nail enamel is excellent for business or casual affairs. Founded in 1981 by Essie Weingarten who was inspired at the age of 12 to create spirited, warm, delightful nail enamel.

Beauty professionals quickly found Essie's chip-resistant formula, outstanding durability and fashion forward colour selection far superior to anything else on the market. Essie introduces 4 new collections a year seasonally and the line includes over 200 shades, complementing any skin tone.

Don't fall out of fashion...keep your nails on point, it means more than you can imagine. For more info or purchases visit

T.I. has "Big Things Poppin"...Literally!!!

As most of you already know, T.I. (Clifford Harris Jr.) done got in a bit of trouble. He was arrested a couple of hours before he was supposed to appear on the BET Hip Hop Awards show, for attempting to illegally purchase three machine guns and two silencers from a Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms And Explosives (ATF) undercover agent posing as an arms dealer. Later that day, ATF agents conducted a search of T.I.'s house, where they said they found six other firearms in a bedroom closet. They also carried out 10 boxes, papers and folders from the home.

T.I. was taken into custody and appeared before a judge. He had his hands cuffed and legs chained during his appearance, at which he was ordered to be held without bail. He'll return back to the court, when a judge will decide if there was probable cause for his arrest and if he'll be eligible for bail. If convicted of the charges, T.I. could spend (From what is being said) 10 to 15 years in prison.

I hope he gets acquitted from the charges...though it's none of my business. I do realize that you can't always leave your past behind...sometimes it follow you. I personally like T.I...but he's "Burnin'" in this particular situation!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Think Pink...!!!

It's the beautiful month of October! And, I feel so pink. Though blessed, to not have been stricken with this life changing disease "Breast Cancer", I have always been aware of it.

This month is dedicated to the survivors and those who were lost. Take time out this month to think about what it means to you, Educate yourself think ahead "Think Pink"...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

All Hail The Queen!!!

...truly one of a kind and definitely worthy of her name, "Queen Latifah". From Living Chicago, the Queen has been bankable. Queen Latifah is truly a role model for young women all over the world. Once in a lifetime, someone of her kind comes along.

Queen Latifah has recently launched her new line by Covergirl called "The Queen Collection". I am not a make-up person but I must say it looks fabulous on "The Queen" can check it out at

If that isn't enough, Queen Latifah has also recently graced the cover of Ebony magazine for the month of October.

Ebony magazine is featuring an article on the the black biker culture by focusing on the National Bikers Roundup, an annual rally for African-American motorcyclists. Entertainer Queen Latifah is photographed for the cover sitting on a custom bobber motorcycle. The 37-year-old actress/singer, who's real name is Dana E. Owens, is shown on custom bobber motorcycle exhibiting her adventurous dressed in a cat suit and patent leather.

She also has a new album out titled "Trav'lin Light" (Of course, available at Hot Waxx, for more info=0.)

Looking for My Dream Team!!!!!

Positive Image By Joan ( Full-Service hair salon ) is currently searching for the " Dream Team "!!!

Requirements :
Hard Working
People Oriented
Licensed or Completing School ( No exceptions )
Must have skills ( nice with the hands )
Willing to commit to the growth of the salon

Seeking self motivated persons with love for the craft. Cosmetologist ( hairdressers) have lost the meaning of the craft and made it all about the dollar. Good basic haircare has gone out the window. We are looking for skilled beauticians that are interested in making a difference in Cosmetology.
Women/Men Are welcomed to apply.

For more info Contact Mz3naqtr/Chantel
At: Mz3naqtr(at)

And here is the rest of it.

AUDIO: Remo Da Rapstar | 'One Hit Away' Mixtape...

Remo's only 'One Hit Away'!

Da Rapstar is back with another anticipated release. Big Mike presents Remo Da Rapstar's 'One Hit Away' CD/DVD Mixtape!

Download: One Hit Away Mixtape

Make sure to follow @RemoDaRapstar on twitter.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Remy Ma - The BX Files

This 2007 follow-up was hot...but not exactly what I expected it to be. After hearing her debut album , "There's Something About Remy", I figured that this album would be just as hot as the first. And not too much that it isn't as hot, it's just that some of the material was featured on a couple of mixtapes that she put out titled "Most Anticipated" and "Shesus Khryst". The songs she chose from the mixtapes are all bangers, but if you're into wanted to hear some new ish. So based on the title "The BX Files", I took it as her putting out this album with material that she had on file. "The BX Files" has tracks produced by Heat Makerz and Ron Browz, and includes appearances by guest stars Papoose, T-Rex, and Jae Millz. Overall, I give this album 3 and a half tonguez up...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Deelishis...The Rumpshaker!!

Beyoncé who??? Even though in business you have to advance and everyone has to start from some where, sex sales and Deelishis is definitely in the right market. Her hair looks right, teeth done, and her body is sick.

Though, I happen to think Deelishis has a beautiful voice, everyone has to have an image and I must say she has definitely worked hard on hers. I am not to big on the song or how she sings it but, I am sure the fellas can't get enough of her.

Check out her video.... Tell me what you think...

Feel Free To Hate On Her!!!

Jill Scott has always been an Artist with a much character. Her lastest single titled "Hate On Me" is definitely a banger!!! Jill Scott is making a very valid point on this particular track. "Hate On Me, haters. Now or later, 'cause I'm gonna do me..." There comes a time in life where you just have to let the "Haters" be "Haters", because with a measure of success comes the Hate!!

Those who are about their business and stay on their "grind", know what she is talkin about. But anyway, it's the perfect song for those who are looking to further shut down haters. Check out the video above...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

AUDIO: Gist The Essence | Young, Black and Gifted Mixtape...

Gist The Essence would like to share a few of his many qualities with you, he's 'Young, Gifted and Black'. Featuring the self-titled hit single "Young, Gifted and Black". Check out his Debut mixtape!

Download: Young, Black and Gifted Mixtape

Be sure to follow @GistMusic on twitter to keep updated with his upcoming projects.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Air Jordan Sneak Peak

JB is taking it back to the original colorways with a playoff 8's. These will be on the market just in time to be wrapped up nicely and stashed under the Christmas tree. December 22nd is a little ways away but at least you got something to look forward to.....Right?!?

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Air Jordan Releases September '07

JB is finally starting to producer more kix that go on every "sneaker heads" must have list. The highly anticipated DTRT(Do the Right Thing) Spiz'ikes, will be released closely followed by the Aqua 8's, this definitely no sleep early Saturday morning means for some of us...

09/01/2007 Air Jordan XXII 5/8 Low
316381-061 Black/Varsity Red-White

09/15/2007 Jordan Spiz'ike (limited release to urban accounts & Niketowns)
315371-162 White/Varsity Red-Pro Gold-Argon Blue
**These will be released limitedly in Grade school sizes also**

09/22/2007 Air Jordan VIII Retro
305381-041 Black/Bright Concord-Aquatone

09/22/2007 Air Jordan VIII Retro Women's
316836-161 White/Varsity Red-Bright Concord

09/29/2007 Air Jordan VIII Retro L'Style (limited release to urban accounts & niketowns)
316324-481 Midnight Navy/Orange Blaze

09/29/2007 Air Jordan I Nu' Retro Low
317163-012 Black/Metallic Silver-White

09/29/2007 Air Jordan I Nu' Retro Low
317163-011 Black/White-Varsity Red

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kelly Price, where are you??

What happened to Kelly Price?? When will she drop another album?? I know that the industry is more about looks rather then talent, but with a voice like Kelly Price's...there's nothing to talk about.

Supposedly Kelly returned to the Gospel scene with an album titled "This Is Who I Am". I got a chance to hear her most recent single off the album "Healing" which was the same song featured on her first album "Soul Of A Woman".Which was a banger might I add and if you haven't heard it, you're just a click away...checkout, for all your music needs. Anyway, back to Ms. Price, I guess she thought it was the right move for her but what about your fans?? This isn't about you.

We need that voice in the secular world (*LoL*). Nobody can do it like you, Kelly (Price that is). I know the things that come with being an Entertainer may break you down but before I knew what Kelly Price looked like, I was feeling her voice.

And when I found out what she looked like, I was like "WoW" but I quickly forgot about how she looked when I listen to her albums. They all showed me one thing kelly Price got Talent!! So, from the Loose Tonguez Camp..we miss you, Kelly Price. Come back and give us some of that soul.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Nike Purple Pack

This is the latest pack to be released from Nike, The Purple Pack(its obvious why its been named that). All pairs have already been released in most stores and if not they should be released very soon. IMO, this is a very ill colorway especially my favorites...the dunk highs w/ the crackled soles.

New Nike Vandals......KIDS ONLY

As everyone knows, its Back to School time. Nike has already released a B2S pack but it was released in men's sizes only (Composition notebook high top Dunks, Crayola Vandals, and Elmers glue AM 90's). Well, now its the kids turn...Nike has decided to release some very "Scientific" Vandals including explosions, beakers and some fresh colors. These kix are very cute and just in time for the kiddies to hit the school yard. Kudos to Nike for these, cause they're definitely hot and very

Saturday, August 25, 2007

"Pain & Paper"...The Godmother Lil' Mo is back!!!

For all those that are as eager as I am to hear this album, I'll start off by saying it's due to release on August 28th. Pain & Paper...the content and vocals on this album is so serious, I got an "AttaTood". (These two topics are something that you deal with on a regular basis (Well, I do...rather). After reviewing this album, I give this sh*t NINETY-FIVE TONGUEZ UP!! Not that I expected her to come with anything less than seriousness...everything she drops, gives me goosebumps. She is sooooo damn in tune with the beat, her feelings towards the words that she's spitting, and her vocals skills. With Mz. Meezy writing 14 out of the 17 tracks on this album AND doing ALL vocals on this album...background, front-ground and ALL, she shuts Beeshes down in the game right now. How many of these heifers can hold a torch to that???...I'll wait...OoO. They're good performers, this chick is seriouso.

Lil' Mo has been in the music industry for a while now. Her voice stood out so much on "Hot Boyz - Miss Elliott/Da Real World", it had everyone like "Who the hell...??". From that point on, she has performed with as well as written for several artist in the music industry. She released her debut album "Based On a True Story" in 2001, which included her hot single "Superwoman (Part II) Remix" featuring Fabolous. That whole album was a banger...I mean the whole damn album. I ran that album in the hole...(I got it down packed to the point that I know on track #5 "Player Not The Game" with her and Carl Thomas, they inhale after every bar in the chorus...Trust me, the album is serious.) But after that single, they stopped giving her the attention that she deserved.

In 2003, she came back with another banger "4 Ever" featuring Fabolous from her second album titled "Meet The Girl Next Door". <~Another banger, might I add!!! This album is fire...a definite must have. She came back after having her first child and put her everything into this project. Mo has this track on the album called "Doing Me Wrong", she put her foot....toes, toenails, heel-backs and all in this one. This is a track that was written by Miss Elliott...I guess Mo was in the booth soOo feeling the words that she was singing, she ad lib at the end thanking Missy and everything. She is really no joke with her sh*t. =0*. They slept on this album too, she's not being recognized enough for me. They need to recognize!!! =0

Mo is now signed to an independent label called "HoneyChild, Inc.", which I believe is the label that she owns. (Go 'Head, Meezy!!!) She has a single out titled
"Sumtimes I" featuring Jim Jones. Of course, I like it...but tell me whatchu think about it...

**As I've mentioned earlier, the album is in stores (Hot Waxx...Shameless Plug..=0) on this Tuesday, August 28th.**


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Usher's going to be "BURNIN'!!"

At this point, I don't know what to believe. Is Usher and Ms./Mr. Tameka Foster Married?? Not that anyone should care...but inquiring minds would like to know. Sources says "Yes.", they tied the knot on Friday, July 28th. Foster, a 37 year-old divorced mother of three, and Usher, 28, are expecting a child together in the fall. (WOW!!)

So, I guess it was right thing by getting married, right?? Hell no!!! In fact, I think it's a stupid move...But I guess that's a matter of personal opinion. If Usher did tie the knot with Tameka Foster, I wish them all the best but as a courtesy of Loosetonguez...we will be counting down the days.

If July 28th was the date of marriage (So they say), we give them 5 years.

Whatchu think??? Get at me...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

VIDEO: Gist The Essence | Young, Gifted and Black...

"Don't be mad! It's a hustle. 'J Digz' put me up to this to test out if his theory works." - Gist The Essence

Gist is back with the official video for the self-titled hit single from his upcoming mixtape, "Young, Gifted and Black". Check it out!

Be sure to follow @GistMusic on twitter to keep updated with his upcoming projects.

August New & Upcoming Music Releases...

August 7, 2007

Various Artists / The Best of Body & Soul: Smooth Jazz Tributes
UGK / Underground Kingz
Public Enemy / How You Sell Soul to a Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul??
Raekwon / House Of Wax: The Vatican Mixtape V3
AZ / The Memphis Sessions - The Remixtape
Plies / The Real Testament

August 14, 2007

J. Holiday / Bed
Styles P / Independence
Boot Camp Clik / Casualties of War
WC / Guilty by Affiliation

August 21, 2007

Fergie / The Dutchess
C.L. Smooth / The Outsider
Killah Priest / The Offering
Brand Nubian / Time's Running Out
Talib Kweli / Eardrum
Swizz Beatz / One Man Band Man

August 28, 2007

Various Artists / Wu Box: The Cream of the Clan
Omillio Sparks / The Pay Back
Mic Geronimo / Alive 9/14/73
N.O.R.E. / Noreality
Diplomat Presents Hell Rell / For the Hell of It
Yung Joc / Hustlenomics
Raekwon Presents Icewater / Icewater: Polluted Water
Various Artists / R. Kelly Smooth Jazz Tribute
Various Artists / Musiq Soulchild Smooth Jazz Tribute
Lil' Mo / Pain & Paper
Remy Ma / The BX Files
Sly & The Family Stone / Greatest Hits
Ledisi / Lost and Found


August '07 Air Jordan Releases

Not much going on this month as far as Jordans, maybe the release of the Kings County Spiz'ikes but other than that JB has not been producing much heat for the summer.

08/04/2007 Air Jordan XI Retro Low IE
306008-471 Argon Blue/Zest-White

08/04/2007 Air Jordan XI Retro Low IE
306008-172 White/Zest-Argon Blue-Light Bone

08/04/2007 Air Jordan XI Retro Low IE Kid's
*NOTE these will only be released as a children's release from Crib to Gradeschool*
306006-173 White/Metallic Gold

08/18/2007 Jordan Spiz'ike (limited release to urban accounts & Niketowns)
*NOTE this will be a limited release but will also be released in Gradeschool sizes limitedly as well*
315371-071 Black/Taxi-Varsity Red-White
$110.00-Gradeschool (sz.3.5y-7y)

July Music Releases...(Sorry for the delay)...

July 3, 2007

Collie Buddz
/ Collie Buddz
T.I. / T.I. vs T.I.P
Kelly Rowland / Ms. Kelly

July 10, 2007

Kool & The Gang / Still Kool

July 17, 2007

Tech N9ne Collabos / Misery Loves Kompany
M.I.A. / Boyz
Various Artist / Now 25

July 24, 2007

Yung Berg / Almost Famous - The Sexy Lady EP
Layzie Bone / How A Thug Was Born
Prince / Planet Earth
MF Doom / MM...Food
Sean Price / Master P - Official Mixtape
Steele / Hotstyle Takeover

July 31, 2007

Guru / Guru's Jazzmatazz Vol. 4
Sean Kingston / Sean Kingston
Common / Finding Forever
Mandisa / True Beauty
Bizzy Bone / The Best of Bizzy Bone
Keith Murray / Rap-Murr-Phobia
Kia Shine / Due Season


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Go Shorty...It's My Birthday!!!

Yes, I have to send a shout out to myself. It's my birthday...the brain and creator of Happy Birthday to me!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

June Music Releases...(Sorry for the delay)...

June 5, 2007

Rihanna / Good Girl Gone Bad
Carl Thomas / So Much Better
T-Pain / Epiphany
Lil' Wyte / The One and Only
Royce 5'9 / The Bar Exam

June 12, 2007

Fabolous / From Nothin' To Somethin'
Crunchy Black / From Me To You
DJ Khaled / We The Best
Gerald Levert & Eddie Levert / Something To Talk About

June 19, 2007

Donnie / The Daily News
Chrisette Michele / I Am
Deborah Cox / Destination Moon
Shop Boyz / Rockstar Mentality

June 26, 2007

Beastie Boyz / The Mix-Up
Pharoahe Monch / Desire


Monday, August 6, 2007

Common - "Finding Forever"...

He has definitely found forever with this one!! With Kanye West producing 8 out of the 12 tracks on the album. I was asked as I'm listening and doing the review on this album, "Do I like this album?" prior to doing this review, I tried (Repeat) tried to do a review for Plies "The Real Testament" (Album review coming shortly, or what I gathered from it anyway.) Common has a way with words...and when he flows, it's always words of wisdom or something that has you "in your mental".

6 months ago the phrase floating around was "Hip Hop is Dead." Most people including myself disagreed with the statement but concurred that it's dying slowly. However there were a few Hip Hop artists who kept the artform alive, and when naming the list of true Hip Hop contributors, Common was one of the few that still held the title. Now on his seventh LP, Chitown's legend is back at a time when the culture is at a state of emergency with Finding Forever. After the success of his previous work "Be" (his most successful album to date) Common is now in his comfort zone to make.....well G.O.O.D. music.

The album starts off eerie, with a peaceful wurlitzer, smooth basslines, and harp that just creeps in, as if the search for forever has just begun. "Start The Show" makes it official what he's come to do. Common without hesitation shuts these new cats down with hard lyrics "You was betta as a drug dealer", and at the same time puts you (the listener) in check "You sing along to it, but inside you knowing it's wack."

Kanye West, the overseer does a great job with the production (as usual). He was smart enough to not breathe all over the LP except for one song. Ye and Com spit ridiculous on the tag teaming "Southside", with a free and fun flow as if they were best friends showing off each others skills with the record button in effect. The "New Primo" pays homage to legend with his Gang Starr like track "The Game", while Premier contributes the scratches. Common still delivers with metaphors "My favorite was Kane, now I'm dope with weight in the game" (Blows breath).

And what would a Common album be without knowledge. "Drivin Me Wild" featuring British singer Lily Allen, reminds us that we don't have to go too hard to reach our destiny "Losing yourself, your mind.....for diamond cuffs", while "Black Maybe"reinforces the struggle for (ahem) minorities to progress through the obstacles of life. But the prize goes to "Misunderstood", produced by Devo Springsteen. A 3 story opus about judging a book by it's cover too soon that it affects many lives. I SUGGEST YALL LISTEN REAL CLOSE TO THIS ONE.

Finding Forever is......FLAWLESS! I use that F word very sparingly. In this new generation where hot is "Throwing D's" or "Ay Bay Baying", consider this album to be a Hip Hop "Resurrection!" (No pun intended)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Please excuse us for our tardiness...

I know that we've been a little slow with our articles or there's a delay in articles being posted. We're currently working on other projects as well...which is a little bit time consuming. As you've noticed on the top-right side of the blog, we've incorporated a flashing sign "Hot Waxx"...which is a link that takes you to one of our other Myspace pages. That page is for one of the projects was started. Hot Waxx is a record store located on Jamaica Avenue in Jamaica, Queens. We currently sell all of the hottest CDs, DVDs and Vinyl well as all hard to get music.

Being that our topics mainly focus on music, movie and television...the record store enhances our feeling or views of the topics. Which will help you decide whether or not you buy the album or dvd. Hopefully, we will be excused for our tardiness. I also hope for those who are located in the New York area, support us with your music purchases....DON'T BUY BOOTLEGS!!! DON'T DOWNLOAD!!!...(Unless we advise you that it's should be downloaded instead of purchased...=0*)...And for those who would like further information about our stock, or how to get to the stores location, feel free to email me... !!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Even though it Rains...

This is just some words that I felt like sharing with my people. Although each day that pass may not be the way you want it to be, it's going to be alright!!! It can't rain forever, the sun will shine and with the sun comes bloom.

Little girl, where's your pride?? Young man, strengthen your defenses!! There's no telling when the sun will come out for you. When and if that day comes, who's going to nurture that bloom??? Only you can!!!

I love all my "Real People"...keep respecting one another and keep moving forward with a positive force!!!

And for all my "Deep People", I could not have found a better picture it just expresses so much. The clouds are smiling while the sun is frowning. My point exactly, when your sunshine frowns, even though it may not be much...don't become content with the cloudy days....I'm out...