Friday, March 30, 2007

Bye-Bye Olivia

Some people just don't learn from their first mistakes. G-Unit's first lady, Olivia, has once again lost her contract. From getting the boot from J Records for lack of album sales, Olivia repeatedly has to "bizzounce" from G-Unit records. Is anyone surprised?

She made minor noise on the label due to her appearances on "Candy Shop" and "Best Friend". She also had an album in the works of releasing 1 1/2 years ago titled "Behind Closed Doors" that didn't see the light of day. So who's to blame, 50 Cent for shelving her, or should Olivia blame herself for not claiming what she wants.

There are many thoughts surfacing that the G-Unit Clique just used her as a toy, either for a female model, or just sex. Regardless of assumptions, whether true or false, It's no excuse. Unfortunately in this business, most females are looked at as sex symbols and in order to come up they have to 'do favors' such as Karrine "Superhead" Stephans, or Kimora Lee (no disrespect ladies). The difference between them and Olivia is they're successful even if they have skeletons in their closet. So if Olivia was in the same situation these and other women have been in, she should've learned something from them. Apparently she hasn't.

My advice to Olivia and others who follow is be clear on what you're getting into. Don't depend on anyone to build your success, do it yourself. If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

Monday, March 26, 2007

The L Word - "Long Time Coming" - Season 4 Finale

Jennifer Beals as BetteJanina Gavankar as PapiPam Grier as KitLeisha Hailey as AliceLaurel Holloman as TinaMia Kirshner as JennyMarlee Matlin as JodiKatherine Moennig as ShaneRose Rollins as TashaDaniela Sea as MaxRachel Shelley as HelenaCybill Shepherd as Phyllis
For those who know about this show, probably feels the same way that I do. I am so torn that this show has come to an end, already. This season was more intense and jaw-dropping then the last. It seemed as if the episodes were just flying by and it ended so abruptly. No need to worry, according, SHOWTIME has ordered a fifth season of its hit drama series THE L WORD®, it was by Robert Greenblatt, President of Entertainment, SHOWTIME Networks Inc. Twelve new episodes are set to begin production this summer and premiere on SHOWTIME sometime in early 2008. The series was recently nominated for the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Drama Series.

THE L WORD®, which premiered its fourth season on January 7th, is one of SHOWTIME’s most popular series, generating a large and loyal audience, as well as critical praise for its provocative, sexy storylines, the principal cast and for being a magnet for celebrated directors and guest stars. The groundbreaking series follows a group of Los Angeles-based friends as they navigate careers, families, friendships, inner-struggles and romantic entanglements. Since its debut in January 2004, THE L WORD® has become part of American popular culture, spawning dedicated fan websites and blogs, along with ancillary products such as THE L WORD®-branded perfume, jewelry and books.

THE L WORD® is executive produced by Ilene Chaiken through her production company Little Chicken Inc. The series was created by Chaiken and Kathy Greenberg & Michele Abbott and is being distributed internationally by MGM International Television Distribution, Inc.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Album Review


From being that kid in the old Busta Rhymes video, to guest starring on A Tribe Called Quest's "Beats, Rhymes and Life", Dexter Mills aka Consequence, finally finds a home with Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music family. The mystery is, can he make it passed probation or will he be back in the Indie line again?

This album is quite interesting. It scratches the surface concept of "College Dropout". It represents the life of the department store working, minimum wage making, aspiring rapper who dreams of making it in the rap game. "How did I get stuck in this dead end job when I can rap?", he asks himself on the once again Nautilus sampling "Job Song". Regardless of the redundant loop of keys, Quence manages to drop a jewel for those in the same boat.

As the story unfolds, you get to know what its like when the Banana Republic security guard punches out. His girl (or ex-girl) is giving him problems, so who better to get to help him out than John Legend on the cool radio friendly "Feel This Way." Unfortunatly for Consequence, his help outshines him, maybe purposely, but anyone listening to it will think this song belongs to Legend. Then there's the beef with "Uncle Rahiem" who came outta jail after a 10 year bid and stays over to make trouble. Despite the tight situation he's in, he manages to state his case over a head-nodder produced by the late J. Dilla's right hand man Kareem Riggins.

Consequence is a good rapper who knows how to tell a story and deliver punchlines. If there's any wrong doing with this album, its the production that doesn't fit his style, such as the Luther Vandross ripoff of "Love Won't Let Me Wait" on "Who Knew My Luck Would Change".....just a bad idea. Let's not forget the unnecessary album fillers "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly", and DJ Khaled's "Grammy Family". Maybe if Kanye did for Quence what he did for Common's "Be", Dex can quit with his middle finger up and never look back!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Show love to the "Pigs"!!

As you all should know, this year, according to the "Chinese Horoscopes", it's the Year of the Pig. So for all you little piglets out there, Nike decided to celebrate your birth and create some dunk highs. This is the second pair of dunks called year of the pigs, the first pair, the low tops, did nothing for the occasion (they were very corny, the colors were all wrong IMO). This pair, most definitely brought justice to the PIGS! These kicks have been Officially released in Hong Kong as of April 2nd.

Pink, Pink and more Pink with a Red and Gold foot bedding...

Finally, Nike Air Tech Challenge Retros!!

If you're lucky enough to own a pair of these sneakers, then you can be proud to say you got the OG's (the soles might be crumbling, but its all good!!!) These sneakers were worn by Andre Agassi in 1990 and were the first signature shoes of the American Tennis Champion. They have never been retroed until now. The release date has not been disclosed yet, but just take a look...

White/Black + Sonic Yellow

White/Black + Varsity Purple

Monday, March 19, 2007

Whitney, you're my addiction!! We Need You!!

I hear alot of talk about " Whitney Houston" coming back, when in my opinion, she never left. All too many times, people get caught up in the "DRAMA"!! They forget what it means to be human, they began to disassociate fact from fiction. Now, i'll admit, she got caught out there looking bad a couple of times, but who doesnt?? Maybe, she was getting a little sloppy with hers but we all need a check-up (reality check) every now and then. Who cares about her personal life and what she's doing in the privacy of her OWN HOME (Mortgage is in her name). Even though, Bobby Brown felt the need to sell their private lives, in a desperate attempt to resurrect his dead career ("Being Bobby"). Through it all, Whitney is the "BOMB", hands down. It's not really up for debate but, you can respond! Every album she's touched since she's been in the game has been a banger. Maybe, she kept it so real, it discredited her in some ways, and you know how people love what's not real or the "Drama". As long as you can be what people think you are, they don't care to know who you really are (like not wanting to know that your parents have sex). "Real is always right" on this site. And really, there's no "Artist" that I can say is doing it the way she did. I know some of you may be saying, "No", she doesn't sing like she used to. Truthfully, everything changes with age. Please believe that on a rainy day with no tea and a slight case of strep throat, Whitney will sing these so called "Singers" under a rock. Check the history, the woman is BAD!! I don't recall purchasing an album, according to what an Artist does on their own time. as long as they can give me Chills and Goosebumps when they sing , And always deliver bangers, They alright with me.

Check out her accomplishments:
*2 Emmys
*6 Grammys
*21 American Music Awards
*27 Billboard Awards
*Guinness Book of World Records for "Most Successful Female Artist
*Sold over 190 million records (damn!)
*First Artist to ever have 7 #1 songs in a row

...Need I say more?? Yes, I am so sick of judgemental people!! I only look to Whitney Houston to bless me with song. I don't expect her to do anything else for me. I don't expect her to feed me, pay my bills,or take care of my kids...nothing but to keep making hits for me to bounce to. Also, to keep giving me ballads to set my mood...That's all I want from Whitney!!! I think I speak for the entire Loose Tonguez Camp when I say, "They can't hold a torch to you, Whitney Houston."
Regardless of how people try to judge Whitney, the only thing they should be concerned with is her craft/talent. When it comes to that, you do it well!! No one cares about "Ray J"...a little harsh, but true. Maybe, he needs a "Suga Mama" (Men been doing it for years)!! T-Mobile didn't end their contract with Demi Moore when is got involved with Ashton Kutcher...So stop being so judgemental!! Whitney, you're alright in my book, do you.

Lye or No-Lye?? Hair's a fact!!!!

For years, women have been under the misconception that no-lye relaxer is safer for their hair because it doesn't contain any Lye. Contrary to what the market may say, "ALL RELAXER CONTAINS LYE". You may find this Active Agent under labels such as: Sodium Hydroxide and Guanidine Hydroxide.

"Lye" relaxers contain Sodium Hydroxide as the active ingredient. Where as, "No-Lye" relaxers, Calcium Hydroxide and Guanidine Carbonate" are mixed to produce "Guanidine Hydroxide". It's the hydroxide that makes the relaxer reactive (basic) and the way they work is the same. Many people have reported that "No-Lye" relaxers, leave their hair more dull and have gone back to "Lye" relaxers. If you're having problems with scalp irritation using a "Lye" relaxer, you might want to try a "No-Lye" relaxer. Don't believe that it's somehow more healthy for your hair.

Did we forget what happened to "Rio Hair Relaxers'??? **Reported in HairSite Consumer Alert** When their entire product line was banned by the FDA in mid 90's citing that Rio contains harsh chemicals that are unsafe to use. In fact, the FDA confirmed that there were more consumer complaints filed against Rio than any other cosmetic products in the U.S. They received over 3,000 cases of complaints since the product's was launched in 1995. Although, the Rio product line was advertised as "chemical free", you can even "EAT" it. Consumers reported numerous incidences of hair loss, severe scalp irritations, and a host of scalp and skin conditions. And that's "No-Lye"!!!

I highly Recommend "Design Essentials". I've used it for 11 years and have not had one complaint that I couldn't rectify using the Entire System.......More talk? I'm Hair......





I thought I was the only one tired of Beyonce!!!

Apparently, I'm not the only one. Rod Stewart's ex-wife, model Rachel Hunter is upset with celebrities such as Beyonce Knowles for "ruining the hopes of young girls who want to become professional models." The 37-year-old continues "the 1980s era of high-profile supermodels gracing runways and magazine covers around the world are over." Hunter fears for the careers of young models who want to be the next Cindy Crawford or Naomi Campbell, because their efforts are being overshadowed by film and music stars, including Knowles. She speaks with Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph, "For years now we have seen people on the covers of magazines that aren't models, they are actresses and it's disappointing." She also states, "Sports Illustrated this year had Beyonce Knowles on the cover. What's left for young girls to aspire to if they want to be models? Not much!"
Now, when I first saw this cover, I said to myself, "What the hell is she doing on there?? They're pumping her harder than a full service gas station." Every where you look, it's BE-DAMN-YONCE. It's like they're taking the taste out of everything. Back in the days (I know I always refer to this but that is what I can refer to, as far as real is concerned), I didn't remember seeing as many Singers/Rappers on the covers of magazines or having their own clothing/sneaker/jewelry/liquor line. They focused more on their craft/talent. I know that everything is a hustle and you have to make money. But how do the little people get in where they fit in??? The ones that grow up wanting to be a Model, Fashion Designer or Actress/Actor. Those jobs are being taken by people in the spotlight already. Where are the Angela Bassett's??? Where are the Donatello Versace's??? Where are the Iman's??? I'm tired of seeing the Beyonce's in "Dreamgirls", the Jay-Z's in "Rocawear", the Brooke Hogan's in "Rip the Runway". Maybe, if they focus on what their craft is, instead of trying to get the most endorsement deals, they can sell more records. (Or make better records, that's worth the $20 that's charged, instead most folks buying the bootlegs or burning it online.)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

People All Over The World..."Derailed?? - Part 2"

"Soul Train done lost their soul......." -Ice Cube.

Last night, I saw the worse black ceremony since 1999's Source Awards. That's right folks, The Soul Train Awards, sponsored by S-Curl and Coca Cola (As usual). What a waste of 2 hrs!!

Nothing special happened this year in Los Angeles. Ok, I admit I was proud that Jermaine Dupri got the long overdue Quincy Jones Award, that took the "Sample King" Puffy, Diddy, Sean (whatever), only 3 years to be rewarded since the beginning of his career. I found out that "Chicken Noodle Soup" won. For what, I don't know but who cares!! Well, I do because they don't deserve it. This is a prime example of how people just like you are brainwashed by the bullsh*t released by the powers that be in this business called music, "TURN OFF THE RADIO!!!".

Other winners who didn't deserve it were Beyonce for "Irreplacable" which won over Mary J Blige's powerful and meaningful "Take Me As I Am". Let not forget the beautiful Jennifer Hudson, who can overshine Beyonce's voice in her sleep. She made history as a rookie in her first supporting acting role in Dreamgirls (and yes she really did her thing!), but she got the Sammy Davis Jr award. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Mr. Davis Jr a ENTERTAINER with a career that spanned over 50 years? No disrespect Jennifer, but you haven't been in the spotlight for 6 months!

21st Annual Soul Train Music Awards...Derailed???

Where do I start?? From the beginning to the end of the show, was a disappointment. Let's start with host...I'm going to pull the 5 W's and the H out on this one. WHO the hell chose LeToya Luckett and Omarion to host the show?? WHAT the hell were they thinking?? WHEN that person came to the final decision, were they drinking??? WHERE the hell are the REAL EXPERIENCED HOSTS/MUSICIANS??? WHY is it that they think that just because a "Known Celebrity" is hosting, that'll make the show better?? HOW wrong were they??

I caught it at the tail end of Robin Thicke's performance, according to what I was told, I didn't miss much. After his performance, they gave out an award for "Best Soul or Rap Dance Cut", it was the first or second award handed out. I can't remember the nominees, but I do remember that the award went to DJ WEBSTAR and YOUNG B (Now you know I'm so disgusted behind that). Don't get me wrong, I guess awards are given based on what was hot that year. The whole "Chicken Noodle Soup" bit, was cute, I guess...but I can't believe that it was taking serious enough to have gotten a Soul Train Award (AND the first one at that!!!). In my opinion, they sOoO don't represent music to me. There's so many other people that has a strong message in their music, and they didn't get an award, let alone was even nominated.

Which takes me on to the "Sammy Davis Jr. Award" for "Entertainer of the Year". Now, once again, I don't know what the qualifications for this award is, but this award went to Jennifer Hudson. Don't get me wrong, she has been doing her thing lately...with the movie and all. But how did they come to the conclusion that out of all the people in the music industry, that has been clawing they're way to the top, that the award should go to Jennifer Hudson?? Did I miss something???

Jay-Z won the Michael Jackson award for best soul or rap video for "Show Me What You Got." Beyonce won best female single for "Irreplaceable". (This song was hot but she won over Mary J. Blige's "Take Me As I Am"...the message in that song shuts down "Irreplaceable" any day of the year.)

The Isley Brothers Featuring Ronald Isley won best album for a group, band or duo for "Baby Makin' Music."

Ne-Yo was awarded "Best New Soul or Rap Artist for "Sexy Love" while "Best Gospel Album" went to Kirk Franklin for "Sounds from the Storm, Volume 1."

Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds was presented the Stevie Wonder Award for "Outstanding Career Achievement in Song Writing". (It's about time...he's only been writing songs since B.C.)

Jamie Foxx won "Best Male Album" for "Unpredictable" while Mary J. Blige won "Best Female Album" for "The Breakthrough." (I was extremely excited behind this one. If it had went to anyone else, I would have been upset.)

John Legend won best male single for "Save Room," and Gnarls Barkley won for best single in the category for group, band or duo for "Crazy."

Even as far as the tribute to James Brown, what was that??? They basically had Ronald Isley sing two of his songs, that wasn't no damn tribute. That show definitely put me at my highest level of disgust. I can go on and on about that show last night, with honestly nothing good to say about it. So for those who missed the show or forgot to press record on the TiVo, TRUST ME, IT WASN'T WORTH RUNNING RED LIGHTS TO GET TO. OR WASTING SPACE ON TiVo.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Hair Stylist, it's that time of the year again!!

The highly anticipated Hairshow of the year, has finally arrived. I hope it has alot to offer this year!!! What is the International Beauty Show? The International Beauty Show is the top trade show for members of the professional beauty industry. The show is for beauty professionals only and is not open to the general public. The show’s main objective is to educate, in effect opening new doors for beauty professionals.Who is allowed to attend IBS New York?
IBS New York is only open to licensed beauty professionals. All attendees will be asked to present a photo ID along with one of the following credentials:

Cosmetology License
Salon/Spa Business License
Business card
Letter from owner of salon or spa
W-2 Form
Cosmetology School business or state license
Invoice from professional beauty product distributor
Professional beauty association membership cards (NCA, TSA, ISPA, etc.)
Other appropriate license(s) denoting one as a member in the professional beauty industry.

**Students attending a certified beauty school can also attend, with proper identification. No one under the age of 15 is allowed on the show floor or in classrooms, including infants in strollers.

How can I purchase a ticket to the show and what are ticket prices?
Tickets can be purchased online, via fax or via mail.
If purchased online, tickets prices are as follows:
One day: $70
Two Day: $140
Three Day: $210
If tickets are purchased via fax or mail, prices are as follows:
One day: $80
Two Day: $160
Three Day: $240 How much are student tickets and how can I register as a student?
Student tickets are $35. Student must present an official school ID to gain entrance to the show. Please note that Student Day is Tuesday only.

Are refunds obtainable if I buy my ticket but cannot attend the show?
Refunds less a $20 processing fee will be granted if requested in writing no later than February 1, 2007 and faxed to (218) 279-3246.

What should I do if I lose my ticket?
Any attendee who loses their ticket will have to purchase another ticket to gain entrance to the show.

What if I need special assistance at the show?
If you will require special assistance at the show, please click here.

When and where is the show located?
IBS New York 2008 will be held April 27-29, 2008 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. The Jacob Javits Convention Center is located at 655 West 34th Street, at 11th Avenue.

What types of companies exhibit at the show?
All companies exhibiting at IBS New York either sell or distribute products related to the beauty industry.

How many people attend IBS New York each year?
In 2007, over 50,000 beauty professionals attended IBS New York.

What classes are offered at IBS New York?
Included with your one day ticket are nail, hair, color and makeup workshops, taught by well-known industry professionals. Also available are business and manufacturer classes. The show’s legendary MainStage offers presentations by renowned artists. A complete schedule of 2008 classes will be posted in the fall.

How many exhibitor booths will be at IBS New York?
Over 400 exhibitors will host booths at the show.


Remember when you turned on the radio, your song actually came on?! It was really "The Sh*t". Not because you heard it 20 times a day, you just knew it was "The Sh*t". Regardless of subject matter and/or content, you knew the song was special because it had it's own special way of delivering a message...Now let's turn to 2007. What the hell is this?!! Is this music?? Yes, I asked the same question those "Old People" used to ask, when I was a kid. You know what I'm talking about. You're listening to (let's say) "One More Chance" and someone from back in the day would tell you, "That's not music, this is music!" You then get put on to Earth, Wind and Fire, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, you know . "Now that's REAL music. what you're listening to is noise!"

Who would've thought at 25, I'd sound like them. Listening to the Top 40 of today is horrible!! I mean really!! Ok, there are a few people (any artist from the 90's) and newcomers (Kanye West, Ne-Yo) that I like and respect, but the other 97% needs duct tape to their lips and their contracts shredded!! Where did this all begin?? Who knows. I remember a time when wack songs were sprinkled into the minds of the music consumer. That's when I knew there was a problem. My family, including my mother, would have a great time listening to the jams (that's what they were called then), and never got tired of them. We couldn't wait for the album to drop!! We would automatically give the money up in a second cause we knew we were getting our monies worth. Within the next hour or two, we memorized and mastered the entire LP!

Buying music today is a gamble, especially for me! If I saw a new album on the shelf, I would have to do a survey on it first. Read reviews, get other people opinions, find somebody who already has it and borrow theirs, or worse, DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE! It's not my fault I have doubts. I had none when it came to buying "Don't Be Cruel" by Bobby Brown, or Nas' "Illmatic". I understand music changes. Everything changes, supposely for the better. There's nothing great about what MTV, BET, or the #1 radio station is putting out there. So until music television or record companies upgrade us. Music today is unneccessary........UNLESS LOOSETONGUEZ SAYS OTHERWISE!!


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rip "Off" the Runway!!!

"HOT MESS" is all I can say, Black Entertainment Television has done it again. It's horrifying to see what they call a "Fashion Show" today. I can't lie, it was just one big disaster. I'm still waiting for the runway to be RIPPED!!! I don't quite remember any of the designer clothing that was being "Modeled". Or, here's a better one, I can't even remember any modeling. I didn't see anything last night that I couldn't catch in a local club after hours!! Even down to the camera man, What were they focusing on?? And, who told them to put the turbo wig dryer at the end of the runway??? That gave way for major malfunctions. It seems as if the show focused more on who was on the runway rather than the fashion, or who could "Drop it like it's hot" instead of strutting the catwalk. Had it not been for the noisy concert going on in the backround, "MAYBE" I would have caught a designer's name!!! At one point, when M.I.M.S. was performing ("This Is Why I'm Hot" guy), I thought I was watching a video. How in the hell was I suppose to see the "FASHION" with the flickering screen.

I'm sorry were they Modeling or lining up for school lunch??? Please correct me if I am wrong, I can take it!! Real is always Right, and there was nothing about that "Mini Celebrity Concert" that was fashion like. Truthfully, I searched long and hard for photos that would show the fashionable sense of entire production. Unfortunately, there was NONE!!! It's understood that the objective was to merge Hip-Hop and Fashion, however, there was a shortage on the fashion....I just wasn't feelin it!! How about you??? Get at me...

They say Reebok lost it, but they gonna bring it back!!

I'll be the first to say that I'm not into the hype of buying kix just cause they are the newest ones to come out. The Easter Edition Reebok pumps are on extra flame, Reeboks are being put on the back burner (highly underestimated), but not anymore they stepping out with some heat for the Spring. Look out for these in April and be sure to cop a pair, Who said you can't be fly on Easter Sunday?

Since fashion seems to be gravitating towards the 80's style (bright colors, patterns and dookie gold rope chains), why not add some metallics to your feet? Show your true style while rocking some classic Pump Omni Lites, in metallic gold and silver. Both pair have a 80's MC Hammer feel to them, they're expected release is this summer so stay on the lookout for them.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

March 2007 Air Force 1 Releases

Now that the sneaker game is changing drastically many producers are trying hard to keep up with the "in style" when they really need to just stick to the original blueprint. If you want to bring something new to the table then atleast make it the best of the best not mediocre and that's just what most of the Air Forces that are dropping in '07 are. Yes last year they kicked open the door with the Invisible Woman AF1's but now they're going overboard with the designs, there's but so much room on one sneaker. If it's not broke then don't try and fix it(AF1 white on whites they're plain but they're best selling AF1 and will always be.)

03/03/2007 Air Force 1 Hi Supreme Rasheed Wallace
315096-001 Flint Grey/Anthracite

03/03/2007 Air Force 1 Low Premium Vince Carter
315181-241 Dark Khaki/Obsidian-Varsity Red

03/03/2007 Air Force 1 Low Premium Women's
315186-331 Tomatillo/Pistacio-Black Forest

03/10/2007 Women's Air Force 1 Low '07
315115-161 White/Cool Rose-Aubergine

03/10/2007 Air Force 1 Low '07 Players
315092-131 White/Pine Green

03/10/2007 Air Force 1 Low Premium Amare Stoudamire
315182-071 Dark Stucco/Miners Gold-Purple

03/10/2007 Air Force 1 Low Supreme LeBron James
315094-001 Black/Black-Metallic Gold

03/17/2007 Air Force 1 Low
315122-101 White/Black

03/17/2007 Air Force 1 Low Premium Tony Parker
315068-001 Black/Anthracite-Flint Grey

03/17/2007 Ai Force 1 Low Supreme Kobe Bryant
315095-221 Linen/Linen-University Blue

03/24/2007 Air Force 1 Low '07
315122-241 Linen/University Blue