Wednesday, January 28, 2009

NEWS: Electrik Red on tour with Ne-Yo | New Single 'So Good'

Check out their latest single 'So Good' from their forthcoming debut album "How To Be A Lady Vol. 1", coming soon!

The seductive sirens of Electrik Red will be painting the town red as the opening act on Ne-Yo's upcoming tour!

Check out the tour dates!

Thu 2/5/09 Las Vegas, NV - The Pearl at The Palms

Fri 2/6/09 Oakland, CA - Paramount Theater

Sat 2/7/09 Los Angeles, CA - Club Nokia

Wed 2/11/09 Miami, FL - Waterfront Theater

Fri 2/13/09 New Orleans, LA - UNO Lake Front

Sat 2/14/09 Houston, TX - Reliant Center

Sun 2/15/09 Grand Prairie, TX - Nokia Live

Wed 2/18/09 Washington, DC - Constitution Hall

Thu 2/19/09 Baltimore, MD - Lyric Theater

Fri 2/20/09 New York, NY - Radio City Music Hall

Sat 2/21/09 Orlando, FL - Universal Studios

Sun 2/22/09 Upper Darby, PA - Tower Theatre

Wed 2/25/09 Atlanta, GA - Fox Theatre

Thu 2/26/09 Memphis, TN - Orpheum Theater

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

VIDEO: Ron Browz 'Jumpin (Out The Window)'

Ron Browz is a multi-talented producer turned all-around Hip-Hop artist. Check the resume...

Jim Jones (Pop Champagne), Busta Rhymes (Arab Money), Nas (Ether), Big L (Ebonics), 50 Cent (I'll Whip Ya Head Boy), G-Unit (Straight Outta Southside), Ludacris (Blow It Out)...


Jumpin' (Out the Window)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ryan Leslie & Tyson Beckford team up for Video #2 of 'How It Was Supposed To Be'

"So much to write about this video. First, I had a concept that I shared with Shiv and the two of us fine tuned it into a treatment. I shopped it to some directors and when they told me how much they expected it to cost ($200K), I decided to direct it myself to give my staff an incredible learning experience. Two weeks into the planning and production process, I ran into Tyson Beckford at the G-star fashion show and invited him to direct the video with me. I could write a book about the production of this video - scripting, rehearsal, styling, filming, editing, sound design, color-correction…" - Says Ryan.

Video 2 of 3 for Ryan Leslie's "How It Was Supposed To Be" (Military Version)
Starring & Co-Directed by Tyson Beckford

Bizzy Body - Paul Wall...

Paul Wall is back and will be releasing his 3rd studio album due out early 2009 titled "Fast Life". Fast Life's debut single is "Bizzy Body" and features Trill Entertainment stars Webbie and producer/artist Mouse on da Tracks. Bizzy Body is an infectious song that is growing quickly radio Fast Life features hit making producers such as Akon, Amadeus, Mouse on da Tracks, Beans & Cornbread. The all star casts of producers compliment the other features artists that include: Akon, Yung Joc, Gorilla Zoe, Too Short, Z-Ro, Lil' Keke & Expensive Taste.

Listen to Bizzy Body Feat Webbie & Mouse...

Robin Thicke Presents 'The Making of Something Else' Part 1

Go into the studio with Robin Thicke and get an up-close look into the making of Something Else.

Episode 1: The Making of Something Else Part 1 by Robin Thicke...

MySpace Music Video Premiere: J. Holiday 'It's Yours'

Watch the OFFICIAL video premiere of J. Holiday's "It's Yours" exclusively on MySpace Music NOW!

J. Holiday - It's Yours

Wiz Khalifa Freestyle

Wiz Khalifa Kills A Freestyle Over Kanye West's "Say You Will". For Those Unfamiliar, Cameron Jibril Thomaz aka Wiz Khalifa Is A Philli Cat, North Dakota Native And Son To Two Military Servants. He's Supposed To be Dropping His First Major Label Debut Album "First Flight" On Warner Bros. Records Early This Year (2009), So Look out For That.

Also Check Out His Techno Influenced Single "Say Yeah"

Friday, January 23, 2009

Ryan Leslie ft Jadakiss 'How It Was Supposed To Be'

Ryan Leslie single "How It Was Supposed To Be" feat Jadakiss
Album in Hot Weezy...=0*. February 10!!!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Richgirl featuring Bun B - 24...BANGER!!!

Richgirl consists of four multi-talented young women, who reign from different parts of the country. All have different backgrounds and experiences, but each has a common thread that brings them together: the same passion and love for creativity, expression, music and entertainment.

Richgirl is currently in the studio recording their yet to be named DEBUT album. Check out their new hit featuring UGK legend Bun B! THIS IS A BANGER!!! These chicks are serious and for this to be their first single...when they came on the track, I pulled my head back. Like huh?!! Listen...and tell me whatchu think...


NEW VIDEO: Keyshia Cole - You Complete Me

Check out the brand new video for Keyshia Cole's noteworthy ballad, "You Complete Me", directed by Benny Boom.

Purchase 'A Different Me' at your local Hot Waxx...=0*.

Bobby Valentino - Beep Remix featuring Ludacris, Lil' Kim and Lil' Wayne

Bobby Valentino's 'Beep' is even hotter than before! Check out the official remix laced with guest verses from Ludacris, Lil' Kim and Lil' Wayne. It's the remix bay bay!

Check it out...

Press Play!!!

Whatchu think???

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Making Of "It's Yours" / J. Holiday...

Don't miss the OFFICIAL video premiere of J. Holiday's "It's Yours" on MySpace Music this Friday.

Don't miss the premiere of the Grammy nominated singer's new video. The internet is buzzing with a rough cut of the video but you have NOT seen this version! The R&B star's new album “Round 2" hits stores on March 10.

Watch this exclusive behind the scenes video!

The Making of "It's Yours"

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Substance Abuse Promo.

The Substance Skateboards Team Is Finally Dropping A Video! I'm Amped To See It Because One Of My Favorite Skaters And Neighborhood Homies Is In It....Yeah Rob Campbell. I KNoW THE TEAM CAP'N MOTHA FUCKA!! I Fucks With Substance Haaard, Yall Should See my Room.

Rob Is One Of Hollis' Own So I'm Sure You've Probably Seen Him.

Besides That, This Shit Looks Very Promising And I Can't Wait For It To Drop. Enjoy

Check Em Out At

Busta's "Back On His B.S."...

(Official Album Cover...)

Brand New!
Busta Rhymes ft T-Pain - "Hustla's Anthem 09"
Back On My B.S. - In (Hot Weezy) Stores 3/24*

Also, check out Busta Rhymes on Assistant Editor John Kennedy is back on his B.S., previewing Busta Rhymes’ forthcoming album with his first Hearing Aid post.

Monday, January 19, 2009

"The Rebirth" of Bobby V.

Bobby Valentino returns to the scene with a new outlook, new album and his own label "Blu Kolla Dreams". “The majority of my fans and audience are blue collar people that work every day with a dream. And this is my dream. I’ve been in this industry a long time. I just continue to believe in myself.” - Bobby Valentino

The Rebirth revolves around relationships. The infectious lead single “BEEP,” among the disc’s most visceral tunes, details the joys of adventurous sex. Cleverly crafted by up-and-coming Mississippi native Big Fruit, the melody begins as ballad and morphs into an up-tempo sweat-inducer. Bobby notes, “The feedback from the record was so strong. When I played it for people and I sent it to the clubs everybody reacted to it quickly. My first single, I always want it to be for the people.” The single announces: “I’m back, I got a new situation – it’s one of those kinds of records that’s gonna make a statement.” 

Alongside gifted producers L.O.S, Raphael Saadiq and long-time collaborators Tim & Bob, the talented songwriter offers a mature effort that will both please loyal fans and win over fickle critics.

Check out Bobby Valentino's second single "Butterfly Tattoo" (produced by L.O.S.) from his forthcoming album "The Rebirth"...

"The Rebirth" will be available in stores (Hot Weezy) and online on February 10, 2009!

Ryan Leslie Video #1 of 'How It Was Supposed To Be'...

Ryan Leslie's long awaited and highly anticipated debut album will be released on February 10, 2009. Don't miss the first of 3 videos for Ryan's new single "The Way It Was Supposed To Be".

Check out Ryan Leslie's feelings on his latest single...
"How It Was Supposed To Be" is one of the most personal songs on my album and for my live performances, I arranged this guitar driven version to capture the angst and confusion that I was going through when I recorded it. The response was so crazy at my show in Chicago that we played the song twice in a row to an engaged, enthusiastic audience.

Based on this reaction, I decided to record this version and have Guillaume Doubet visually interpret it. Here is the gritty result with Brent Paschke on guitar, Eric Coomes on bass, and Brad Colton on drums."

Electrik Red...

The ladies of Electrik Red make their VIBE Magazine debut in the February issue, available on newsstands and Hot Waxx now! Here's an excerpt from their “Next” article (p. 46):

“Together, we’re a really ridiculous force of feminine juice that’s ready to be squeezed all over the industry. And you’re not gonna be able to stop it, whether you spit or swallow.” – Binkie of Electrik Red

Be on the lookout for the "Friend Lover" video premiere and a brand spanking new single from the illustrious ladies of Electrik Red! 2009 will be painted red...ELECTRIK RED!

Check out their single "Drank In My Cup" from their debut album dropping in March!

Electrik Red Album Snippet Samplers are now available at Hot Weezy, of course...

Ron Brows Interview

Ron Browz interview with

Ron talks about the deal he worked out with Jim Jones for 'Pop Champagne' (It was Ron's record first!!) He also discusses his new album (In Hot Waxx March 17) and the classic records he has produced for 50 Cent, Ludacris, Nas, & More!!

Also, watch Ron talk about his use of Auto-Tune in this exclusive interview with

"Dreamworld"...Robin Thicke!

Robin Thicke releases a new single, "Dreamworld", from his latest album "Something Else." Listen, as he sings about hope and love as the country prepares for the Presidential Inauguration.
"I would be you, you would be me, we would be one, we would be just fine / The ice caps wouldn't be melting and neither would I 
I would just drive my big old car, and everything would be alright 
And energy would just fall down right from the sky"

Listen to "Dreamworld" AUDIO below:


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

120 Frames Per Second!

skate - shot on red #1347 - 120 fps from on Vimeo.

I Would Trade My Eyes In For The Camera That Is Shooting This. Since I Skateboard (Yes I'm Black, stfu and Open your Minds) This Video Appeals To Me 100%. But Even The People Who Don't Skate Get A Good Understanding Of What We Do After Watching This Video. Although There Are No Words other Than The Lyrics of The Song, The Video Expresses Trial & Error, Succession, And Determination. Some People Fall And Quit....We Don't Stop Until We Get A Trick 5-10 Times In a Row....So The next Time You See Me Or Any Other Kid Skating Down The Street Don't Yell "Yo Skateboard P!" Or "My Nigga Lupe Fiasco" (That Shit Pisses Us Off) Show Some Respect.

More Info About The Cam (Including It's Automobile Pricing) Here.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Mic Geranimo

Just Because We In '09 Don't Mean We Can't Bring It To That Old Queens Rap Scene. This Is That Real Pure Rap That Is Semi-Extinct Nowadays. I'm Just Glad To Be One Of The Young Dudes That Still Pay Respect. Mic Geranimo Was Messin With Irv Gotti At These Times, Don't Know What He's Doing With Himself Now But I thank Him For This Video.

By The Way, My House Is In This Video At 0:46.....I'm Famous! lol

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mannie Fresh

Everybody Liked The Big Tymers At One Point (Back Then I still Thought Weezy Was Garbage). Mannie Fresh Was Like One Of The Premier Producers At That Time....Along With Probably Timberland And Umm...Jazzy Pha. Where'd He Disappear To though....Kinda Miss The Dude.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Lupe!

Stumbled Upon this Little Gem While Surfing Youtube. I Think This Is A Fairly new Lupe Track, Hopefully There's A Mixtape Behind This. I Also Hope This Shows Yall That Lupe Ain't All Skateboards & Rainbows....He Talk That Talk. And I've Been Up On Lupe Since Probably About 2004 So I Should Know What He About. I Got Some New On His Latest And FINAL, Yes, FINAL ALBUM But Yall Just Gonna Have To Come Back And See.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Felix Zenger

Most 90's Cats Remember Beatboxing. Whether You Were In The Middle Of A Cipher On The Corner Or If You Were Just Doing It On The Way To School, Hip Hop Heads Were Doing It. Most Of That Culture Has kinda Died Out Sadly But This Dude Right Here Is Giving Beatboxing CPR. Kid Got Steez.

Flying Lotus

I'm The New Kid On The Block, Though I've Been Here For Years..But I'm The Newest Member Of Loose Tonguez (No Homo) . Haha. Here To Bring You That Raw Shit And Make You Think Twice About The Shit You been Knockin Before.

Dappa Dan, Remember The Name.

Moving On.....

FlyLo, Short For Flying Lotus, Is Probably A Name You Guys Aren't Familiar With...Well Get Familiar!! Dude Hails Out Of San Fernando Valley, California And Produces Some Of The Most Abstract, Soul Thumping Beats You'll Ever Hear. If You Watch Adult Swim Then I'm 100% Sure You've Heard Something From Him Already During The Commercial Bumps. This Track Is Off His RESET EP. The Melodic Soft (But Hard) Bass And The Smooth Sounds Of The Girl Singing Is Enough To Hypnotize You. Take A Listen...See If I'm Lying.

I Like The Song So Much That I Decided To Make My Own Mix Of It. Some People Like It more Than The Original. Drop A Comment, Tell Me What you Think.

Dappa Dancers.mp3 - Flying Lotus/ Mixed By Dappa Dan

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year...New Shit...Same Mouth...Loose Tonguez is Back...BITCHES!!!

It's a new year, people. A new year to start off fresh and leave all the extra curriculum behind. The beginning of new shit to talk about as well as experience. It's been a minute since we've been on here...there was a lot going on in my world for 2008. (Hence the choice in picture, that's how I felt getting that 08 shit out of my life.) But as I said prior, it's a NEW YEAR...NEW SHIT to talk about and experience...but the SAME MOUTH....and I'm back on my bullshit. Loose Tonguez is back and we're ready to do what we're here to do. So look forward to hearing from us, and if you're not looking forward to it, OH...the FCUK WELL...