Monday, April 30, 2007

"Can't Get Enough" of Tamia...

She's back and if you don't know, you better ask somebody. Tamia's lastest single, "Can't Get Enough", is a banger (Check out the video below.) I thought we lost her for a minute but I guess that was postpartum and she had to take a break. I am sure it's hard being a Wife/Mom and mantain a position in the industry of non-singers.

She's managed very well...her previous album were good, so I anticipate that all albums thereafter to be good (I could be wrong.) I don't know about you, but I prefer talent over looks when I am purchasing cds (If you're easy on the eyes that's a plus!!)

There's too many "Beyonces" out right now (Everybody's whispering and not making no sense!!) So it's refreshing to hear some sensible words over a banging beat, complemented by a beautiful voice. From the entire Loosetonguez Camp, Tamia keep doing what you do, which is making good music you do it well!!!

Please tell me "Why he's hot??"...

His reasoning isn't good enough for me..."I don't gotta rap, I can sell a mil' saying nothing on the track...", UmM...wrong!!! You're not that hot, Buddy Boy. I didn't get it twisted or anything, his first single, "This Is Why I'm Hot", caught on quick. (Which he also has the "This Is Why I'm Hot (Reggae Remix)" featuring Cham and Junior Reid.) He jumped right on the band wagon with all of the rest of redundant songs (Caviar beats with Kool-Aid lyrics) that's out right now. I have to say that I like the reggae version, they did it up on this one.

He's back with another single titled "Like This". After listening to it...i'll let you be the judge.

May 2007 Air Jordan Releases

If you like low top ones then this month you'll be very happy. Not many good releases so there won't be so much hype surrounding the releases.

05/2007 Air Jordan I Retro Low Women's
316097-141 Real Pink/White

05/12/2007 Air Jordan III Retro Pure $
White/Metallic Silver

05/19/2007 Air Jordan I Retro L'Style (limited release to urban accounts & Niketowns)
315794-611 Sport Red/White-Varsity Red

05/19/2007 Air Jordan I Retro L'Style (limited release to urban accounts & Niketowns)
315794-041 Stealth/Varsity Royal-Sport Red

05/19/07 Air Jordan I Retro Low Women's
315921-491 Denim/White-Sport Red

05/19/2007 Air Jordan I Retro Low Women's
316297-141 White/University Blue

05/19/2007 Air Jordan I Retro Low Women's
315921-141 White/Denim

05/26/2007 Air Jordan I Retro Low (Inline)
309192-001 Black/Metallic Silver-Varsity Red

05/26/2007 Air Jordan I Retro Low (Northside)
309192-131 White/Deep Forest-Light Graphite

05/26/2007 Air Jordan I Retro Low (Westside)
309192-172 White/Varsity Maize-University Blue

05/26/2007 Air Jordan I Retro Low (Eastside)
309192-161 White/Varsity Red-Varsity Royal

05/26/2007 Air Jordan I Retro Low (Southside)
309192-171 White/Varsity Maize-Varsity Red

05/29/2007 Jordan Melo M3 B-Day (limited release to urban accounts & Niketowns)
314302-161 White/Varsity Red-Black

AM 90's Just For The Ladies

Nike did the ladies some justice cause these Air Max 90's are most definantly something to look at and add to the collection. No need to describe the color scheme cause we all can see what it is, but the sneaker also has reflective material on them(gotta cop'em for the full effect). These AM's are now available at finishline stores, so go get'em!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Nike Country Club Pack

Nike is releasing a Country Club pack which includes Dunk Highs, Blazers and Stadium LE's. As you can see from the pix they will include the diamond pattern accents, not a fan of this pack(colors are waaaay off) but hopefully the next pack(which consists of yellow and green) will actually contain some rockable kicks.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Triumvir+BMP= Special Edition Tees

I know everyone copped their BMP's on saturday along with tons of matching shirts and accessories. But I highly doubt that you copped one of these tees...(no your eyes aren't playing tricks on you.) That is Bruce Lee rocking both the Old Loves and New Loves (this isn't the 1st time Bruce Lee was on a Triumvir shirt.) Of course, these shirts are limited so you have to be quick you could head over to Atmos-NY or Bodega to pick up your tee.

Wanna make a statement ?

Man forget Cafepress. I decided to go with GoodStorm. The statement on this first t-shirt is pretty much self explanatory. Comes in white also, as well as a few other colors. Oh yeah, it's under fifthteen bucks. One of the great things about GoodStorm is that shop owners make %70 percent. Lower base price for me means I can charge less for my shirts, while still making a respectable profit for each piece sold.

Second design. If you didn't know already, I'm an artist visually as well as vocally. Look out for more stuff in the 'eN Moment' shop.


Get your debit card out. Visit, 'eN Moment' shop.

Upcoming Jordunks

For those who don't know, there is a collection of dunks designed after different Jordans. The newest releases are the 7's,8's and 9's.The Jordunk 8's(Black and red) are most definitely a must have, the rest of them are alright nothing spectacular about them. There's no word on the exact release dates but the 8's have been circulating online already, as for the other pairs they haven't been released..

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Diddy's Boppin'...but he's burning...

This is some footage captured by in January of this year. Everytime I see this video, it just signifies the word "Burning" for me. Around the time that this was taped, was also the same time that Diddy was promoting his "Twins" birth and how much he loved Kim (Basically, the proud parent and significant other.) And I'm not saying that he couldn't be the proud parent and all, but stop frontin' and then get caught on Front Street. I, for one, don't care what you do on your off time, because it doesn't stop the fact that I have to pay my bills. But when you put yourself out there to be seen or noticed, you have to expect people to watch every minute of the day. Funnily, in this case, they weren't watching Diddy.

There's been allegations of Diddy being involved with a model by the name of Sienna Miller. And quite frankly, she's somebody well know, because she had her own set of Paparazzi stalking her. In this video, the Paparazzi were posted up in front of Sienna's building awaiting her arrival. This is where "Burning" begins. If you watch Diddy's actions in the video, he had no idea that they were sitting across the street. (Hell, by their reaction, they had no idea Diddy would be there either.) I'm not going to blow up the whole thing, look for yourself....

Now, you may have to watch it again..let me point out the signs of Burning...

1. Did you peep the "Dance Shuffle" of excitement when he got on the curb???

2. Did you see the cheap attempt to cover his face when he noticed the Paparazzi??? Then how he brought it down in a "Damn, I'm busted" fashion??

3. Did you notice how he tried to hold a conversation with the couple behind him to play it off???

4. Did you see how he called the "The Goon Squad" to clear up the situation???

Well, if you didn' it again. You should definitely understand the meaning of the word "Burning" or getting close to understanding.....=0*.

Vanessa gets a "Cali Beat Down" on College Hill!!

Here's another classic example of "Burning"...don't get me wrong, Vanessa came out strong but "Loud barks don't always mean a serious bite!!!" Krystal put the beats on her and shut her down like school on Christmas Day! This is what talking mess will get you, TOSSED UP!!!...Check it out...

Never start something you can't finish. Vanessa was clearly frustrated with Kristal for whatever reason (Jealousy) not because she's from the States but, because she's ignorant. To allow herself to become so indulged in foolishness, caused her to get her @#s kicked on national television!!! I was getting tired on Vanessa anyway...everytime she spoke, she had on a Vanson. (She was riding my nerves.) I hope Krystal didn't get kicked off, it was about time...Vanessa asked for it....Talk to me...

"I Love New York" The Reunion Show...Behind The Scenes

Now this is the meaning of "Reality Television", not the editing and pasting that we see (Of course, they would have to do a little editing here and there, due to the explicit content.) I believe that somewhere down the line, they were told what to do...but not really how to react in certain situations. For those who kept up with this show, you should know what went down as well as the cast. For those who didn't, this is "New York" and she chose the "Ninja Turtle, Tango". Everyone knows that she should have chose Chance, but of course they threw us a little twist. And "The Reunion Show", wasn't that much of a shock to me. It started off with "Romance", I believe (Which was the lunatic that lost his dog a couple of weeks prior to coming on the show.) As soon as LaLa called him up to the stage, it was like he repeatedly practiced what he was going to do or say to New York, prior to coming on the show. He walked on there looking stupid as hell...with a pocketbook filled with magazines that he appeared in after he was kicked off the show.

Then, they brought up "Fruity, 12 Pack" and his "Sidekick 4, Heat" (The tour that the put together, falls onto the list of "Things That Make You Go HmMm.") You know, I can't even call it. Thinking back on the reunion show overall, they basically plugged in everyone's talent (Or their ploy to stay in the game.) Those who had a little animosity with the way she eliminated them, tried to come back and justify themselves (Especially after watching the show when it aired.) Which brings me to that sad ass "Tango"...he was going hard trying to shut those guys down as far as their record deal or whatever was concerned. Come to find out, this turtle was doing the same thing.

Based on, Tango has a girlfriend and she said, "The show was just a big know, for his rap career. But that psycho New York doesn't seem to get it. The crazy Bi*ch texts Tango at least 100 times a day and sends him all kinds of naked pictures of herself." Have a girlfried??? For your rap career??? Huh??? Did you hear what the Pot called the Kettle??? Ain't this about a beesh, huh??? Tango was trying to launch is rap career.

I'm not quite sure if this show was pre-taped also or it was done recently. I also kind of figured that I was somehow related to Dionne Warwick or one of her "Psychic Friends", because I KNEW that someway Tango was going to break it off with New York. Especially, since I read the story about him having a girlfriend. Also, found it kind of funny how "Mr. Boston" ended up with a chick that New York "had problems with". Or better yet, the chick who was going to be on the show that aired directly after, "Charm School"...HmMm. Anyway, for those who haven't seen the clips of the unedited version of the reunion show, check it out....

Wanna Rock some III's on your Back??

These bags are very creative, JB took the plain sling bag design to another level. These are more like Gym bags or if your attached to your laptop, this would be a nice carry case. Yes you see correctly the bottom of the bag is just like the soles of the sneakers. The Black Cement bag is nice but the Fire Red bag takes the cake, if you just copped your fresh III's then why not go all out! Both the bags and the sneakers can be purchased at Finishline for $140.

New Clothing for upcoming Retro VIII's and XI's

JB is most definitely stepping up their clothing game. As all Jordan fans know there will be many pairs of VIII's and XI's releasing throughout the summer, so this is just a lil something to get fresh in...

Air Jordan 1 XQ All Stars, HMmMmMm!?

Even though these are just the SAMPLE pair IMO they're horrible! The only thing that says all star on these shoes are the stars stitched on them, other than that the design and the colorway is wrong. JB is starting to produce sneakers that are very variant looking(just wait until some of those VIII's drop *smh*) but I guess it don't matter aslong as there's a Jordan sign on it people will buy it. But anyways if your feeling these "All Stars" they're going to be LE's(Limited Editions) and will retail for $125.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

You can't build happiness off of someone else's "Misery"!!! (Adult Content)

"The way you got them, is how you lose them" and "What goes around, comes back around.", those phrases never lost there meaning. When you do dirt, you get dirt...that's Real Talk!!! Loose Tonguez was recently asked by a friend on Myspace, "Why do single females f*ck with married men??? I've always wondered!!" Or someone that's involved, rather???

In my opinion, the question should have been, "Why do single Females/Males opt to deal with someone deceitful??" I know that there will be many justifications for this nowadays. "Common Sense" (Died with Pride), tells you that if they do it with you, they will do it TO you. Only a fool can believe that they can find eternal happiness off someone else's misery. You might get a few gifts out of the deal...but at the end of the day we all want the same thing, someone who you can call "Your own." Being able to say that and believing it, is two different things. It has alot to do with "Trust" and after creeping around with someone that is involved, you can't never believe they're devoted to you.

Women have truly adapted the "It's about me" attitude. Some peoples "Self-Esteem" is so low that they are receptive to any foolishness. To each their who's to blame??? Is it the committed party that clearly display characteristics of a "Low Down Dirt Bomb"??? (When they do not properly disengaged themselves from their current situation, before they proceed into starting to build a new foundation.) Or is it the desperate, lonely one that hasn't realize their self worth??? Please someone talk to me...

Stan Smith Flavor Ice Pack..Get right for the Summer!!

Just in time for the summer Adidas decided to take the icey soles to another level. A exclusive which will release On June 1st is the Adidas Stan Smith Flavor Ice Packs(clear, green, orange and blue) at Finishline. These sneakers aren't over the top with color, but with the soles they definitely stand out, I'm sure there will be no complaints about these kix from any Adidas lover.

Denim&Sole+SBTG=New Custom Dunks

Denim&Sole linked up with SBTG to create a pair of very exclusive(can't stress this enough) Nike Dunks. The reason these kix are so exclusive is because there will be only 15 pairs made, and with that being said they will have a price tag of $650, Pre-Order yours now @ Denim&Sole sizes 10-12. These Dunks are most definitely something to look at...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Ain't Nothing Like Joe...

And he's back with his sixth album titled, "Ain't Nothing Like Me", which will finally hit stores next week! Guest features include Nas, Papoose, Fabolous, Young Buck, and Dre with productions from Jermaine Dupri, Dre & Vidal, Tim & Bob, Brian Michael Cox, Stargate and Sean Garrett. I've been following his music from his debut album, and Joe is slept on. I know people usually love the single that he puts out...(ALWAYS), but all of his albums are bangers (With the exception of a song or two.) From "All That I Am" to "And Then", I can definitely agree with him, Ain't Nothing Like Joe!!! For the music heads a little to eager to wait for the album to see the tracklist from the album, here's it is:

Video - If I Was Your Man
Play lofi : hifi - Real Player
Play lofi : hifi - Windows Media

"Ain't Nothing Like Me" Tracklist:

1. Get To Know Me featuring Nas
2. If I Was Your Man
3. I Want Her
4. Where You At featuring Papoose
5. My Love
6. Go Hard
7. Ain’t Nothin’ Like Me featuring Tony Yayo & Young Buck of G-Unit
8. It’s Me
9. Let’s Just Do It featuring Fabolous
10. Feel For You
11. Just Relax featuring Dre
12. Love Is Just A Game
13. You Should Know Me
14. Life Of The Party

Also, Joe kicks off his tour with Brian McKnight on April 27th, 2007. For all those interested, here's a list of his tour dates.

Overseas Tour Dates:

4/9 London, England – Brixton Academy
4/11 London, England – Hammersmith, Apollo
4/13 Stockholm, Sweden
4/14 Malmo, Sweden

U.S. Tour Dates with Brian McKnight:

4/27 Oakland, CA – Paramount Theatre
4/29 Los Angeles, CA – Gibson
4/30 Anaheim, CA – House of Blues
5/3 St. Louis, MO – Fox Theatre
5/5 Chicago, IL – Merrillville, Star Plaza
5/6 Cleveland, OH – State Theatre
5/9 Hartford, CT – Oakdale
5/10 Providence, RI
5/11 Westbury, NY – Westbury Music Fair
5/12 Washinton, DC – Constitution Hall
5/13 New York, NY – Beacon Theatre
5/18 Miami, FL – Knights Center
5/19 Atlanta, GA – Chastain Park
5/20 Virginia Beach, VA – Verizon Wireless Theatre
5/24 Louisville, KY – Whitney Hall
5/25 Columbus, OH – Promo West Pavillion
5/26 Charlotte, NC – Cricket Arena
5/27 Orlando, FL – House of Blues
5/31 New Orleans, LA – House of Blues
6/1 Memphis, TN Orpheum Theatre
6/2 Dallas, TX – Nokia Theatre
6/3 Houston, TX – Verizon Wireless Theatre

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday Listening Sessions - Space Age

Last night I stepped into a time machine seems like. Or perhaps hiphop open mics haven’t changed at all in seven years. Whatever the case may be, I was less then enthused by what I heard and saw. Everyone wants to rap. Most don’t need to. That’s my opinion.

Anyway, I decided this rainy Sunday afternoon I’d contribute a little something to Loose Tonguez. I’d been trynah figure out what to write but for now I’ll just drop a little tune. I’ve been working on a lot of music. Here’s a shortened version of a single I’m working on for an EP entitled, ‘eN Moment’. Hope you enjoy.

"Space Age - Conscious" length: 01:30
play HiFi (mp3) download (2.07 MB)

If you like what you hear, then tell someone. Please share this download...

Don Imus (The Anus)!!!

Never on time but always real!! This is the true meaning of "Burning"!! I don't have much to say on this topic because it's so repetitive (Then again I do). I will say this "Everything happens for a reason." And this is the perfect diversion from the topics that need attention (Sean Bell case). I don't feel bad for Imus and personally I don't care (I got bills). Imus is so paid that they can take him off of every endorsement deal, and people still couldn't count the zeros in his bank account. My point being, he feels that he can say anything he want at this point in time...with one foot on the grave and the other on a banana peel.

Amongst all the controversy over words "Nappy Headed Hos", we forgot to congratulate the females for their accomplishments. I would like to take the time out and say, '"Congratulations Ladies" from the entire Loosetonguez Camp. There was a song "Who The Cap Fit - Bob Marley", let them wear it. If you consider yourself that, then it becomes offensive (As an adult). As for children who need clarification, that's where "Parenting" is necessary!! You need to raise your children, not television. Get the big picture, Don Imus probably wants out the game anyway. And for those who didn't know he existed, you definitely know him now (More publicity). Sometimes, people can be like crabs in a barrel meaning everyone hops on the same topic when it's hot but next week it will be a memory.

I challenge anyone to swing by your local High School or even better a Elementary School... just listen to the vulgar content that comes out of their mouths. Then if you're bold, ask one of them " Who's Don Imus??" They won't know...(Maybe now because we made him sOoO important.) But prior to this incident, he didn't exist...unfortunately, his words have. If you want to see change, you have to make change. Starting with our children...they didn't learn the names they call one another from Imus!!

There's no need to point the finger, just be real with yourself. His apology doesn't make it right, and for that he was repremanded. But sadly he is not our enemy (We are). As an adult, I realize that people know how to turn a story around until it justifies their cause, and how do we argue?? With "Celebrities" (Some Musicians) and ordinary people, they practice this language on a regular. It makes it hard to Argue...Talk to Me....

Friday, April 13, 2007

Aimee Bad Girl??? Not!!!

I would believe that after that @ss whipping, there would be nothing left to say. Well, if you are not a viewer of the series, then you will be saddened to know that this chick is still running her mouth!!! I wonder if she remembers?? If not, Aimee, this one's for you. Stop running off at the lips before you get your head knocked off again!!!

Ty, thank you for showing how real Bad Girls get down!! Aimee, you are "BURNING"!!!...Talk to me...