Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Foxy's Judgement Day!!!

Some things are just long overdue (For real). This couldn't have happen to a more deserving person, Foxy Brown allegedly got the beats put on her @$$. I hope she's doing fine but I think she needed a little wake up call.

And to top it all off it made front page of the Sunday's Daily News...can you say B.U.R.N.I.N.G??? She if definitely a walking flame.

Trouble-prone rapper Foxy Brown was attacked yesterday by three of her ex-boyfriend's gal pals - who pulled out her hearing aid and tore her hair weave at his prompting, police sources said. The assault occurred after the hip-hop artist dumped her beau at 5:30 a.m. in Brooklyn because she found out he was a pimp, sources said. The two were in his car in East New York, and she "was giving him the heave-ho," one source said. "This ex-boyfriend called some of his women, and they pounced on her," another police source said. "They beat her bad. They ripped out her hair weave. Her hair was a mess - and that seems to be what she cared about most." The women also stole Brown's handbag and $500, the sources said.
The wild dustup occurred after the 27-year-old rap diva and her unidentified boyfriend had attended a party at the Louis H. Pink Houses. The sources said Brown originally met her beau at a recording studio and didn't realize he had a criminal past.
After the assault, Brown, who hails from Brooklyn and whose real name is Inga Marchand, went to the local police station to file a complaint. Police drove her around the neighborhood in an unmarked car to look for the attackers. She pointed out Roshawn Anthony, 23, of Brooklyn, who was arrested and charged with assault. Police sources said Brown stopped cooperating with the officers when one of her representatives arrived on the scene.

For more information on this escapade, check out www.nydailynews.com

Monday, June 25, 2007

The 'Gif'...

Well over a month ago, I did a post on my personal blog entitled, '5 Truly Talented Artists You’ve Probably Never Heard Of'. Sadly, there are so many great artists that you simply will never hear. But the truth is, there is a whole lot of music that we don't even bother giving a try. To complain about there not being any good music anymore, but never attempting to seek it out or at least give it a listen when its presented to you is silly.With that said, I have a kat for you all reading to check out give a chance. His name is Gif, and honestly he has a gift to rhyme. A dynamic artist live on stage as well as on record, he's been getting a little buzz on and offline because of his skill but also because of his work ethic and ability to network. Where a large portion of indie artists falter because of poor drive and follow through, Gif excels and is making strides to be known under, above and beyond ground. He's a living example of what aspiring emcees should follow in terms of not complaining about the way things are and making things the way they want them to be. Check out Gif. You can listen to his full length, View Of a Loser From the Top Of The World. Courtesy of FHHN. If you like what you hear definitely let it be known.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Air Jordan Releases June '07

Not much hype this month it seems that JB is starting to slow down on the hot releases. This months top picks are of course the Happy Occasion pack(if you can get your hands on a pair) and the Black Cat III's. Not much to anticipate this month..

06/01/07 Air Jordan Happy Occasion Package (limited release, Asia exclusive)
316915-073 Air Jordan I Retro XQ White/Black-Varsity Red-Metallic Gold
xxxxxx-xxx Jordan 23 Classic Black/White-Varsity Red-Metallic Gold
(included in this package: Jordan Retro I XQ, Jordan 23 Classic, Jordan Fitted Hat, Jordan Messenger Bag)

06/02/07 Air Jordan I Retro Alpha
316269-142 University Blue/White-Black

06/02/2007 Air Jordan XXII Omega (limited release to urban accounts & Niketowns)
315299-162 White/Varsity Red-Black

06/16/07 III Retro Black Cat
Black/Dark Charcoal-Black

06/30/2007 Air Jordan XI Retro Low IE
306008-072 Silver/Zest-White

06/30/2007 Air Jordan XI Retro Low IE
306008-002 Black/Zest-White

06/30/2007 Air Jordan XI Retro Low IE Women's
316318-071 Black/Metallic Gold

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Don't front...it feels good to make people feel stupid sometimes....ADMIT IT!

I just came from the popular site before posting this. The headline reads "Exclusive!! Homosexual Lyrics Found In T-Pain song!!" Yes folks, the same dude known as Teddy Penderass (or whatever), that wrote, "Yo Stomach". But this isn't about that song, it's the one after the overplayed "Buy U a Drank" titled "69" featuring J Lyriq . They claim on the song that he says "Hit me on the hotline, imma slob on the knob....." For those of you who don't know what "slobbing on the knob" means.....Definition- to give a man oral sex.

Apparently, the person who started this rumor didn't use Q-Tips when listening to the song, or common sense of that matter. He's definitely talking to a "Girl" with "A Booty, thighs and curls" which is taken from Verse 1. And lets not forget Mr. Pain's Miami Florida accent. For those of you with clean ears, he is saying "I'm A Celebrity Now" His accent makes him say it like this..."IMMA SALABALY NAH". You can find out for yourself, but I KNOW I'M NOT WRONG!!!


Nike SB Pigeon Socks

Yes the sneaker that once caused chaos in New York now has its own pair of matching socks! This is the 2nd pair of SB socks to be released(besides the Homers) each sock comes in a little SB sneaker box and has a lil something extra from the pigeons on it...Go pick up your pair of socks and why not go all out and cop the pigeons, they're only $1,000+....No the socks aren't $1,000 but the actual Pigeon Dunks!!

Nike Court Force Bling Pack

Nike Court Forces are actually stepping up their game coming out with some hot colorways. The new bling pack consists of both the high and low(SOLD SEPARATELY!!) with gold and silver on and around the toebox(the laces have gold accents), and also there is a distinctive stiching on the sneaker...IMO these sneakers are a lil too plain for me, its all action in the front and not much going on in the back. But if your feeling these they will be released in most stores on June 16th...

T-Pain...*Sighs* oh, thee pain...

I've noticed the heavy anticipation for this album after hearing T-Pain pop up on everyone's track. Also, after the hottest song pulled off the entire album "Buy U a Drank". T-Pain was very clever using the whole computer voice tactic. No one's attempted to do that since Roger Troutman (Formerly of Zapp & Roger). And he's using it rather well, might I add. BUT...his album is shouldn't even make it to the charts, if it makes it anyway. This album is a total disappointment to those who were waiting. I happened to listen to his album on the way to his release party for the album, we were so disgusted...we decided to get something to eat instead. With this one, I wouldn't advice spending money on it...unless it's for collection purposes or just because it has "your sh*t"on it. Otherwise, borrow, burn, or download it...get it at circuit city (Where it's $9.98 or something). I give this one a half of a tongue. Not worth it...at all!!!

*UPDATE* Can you believe this clown made it to #1 on the charts??? OMG, it had to be anticipation purchases...because this album is trash!!! Seriously...I'm surprised it actually knocked Kells to #2. I'm so damn shocked....

R. Kelly doubled up the charts once again...

"It's Kells"...did you expect otherwise. His latest album "Double Up" is the #1 selling album in the country. It's not a shocker at all...musically, he is the man. When I first heard the album, honestly, I wasn't feeling it (Which was my intial skim over the album). But after the second time listening to it, I was singing to it and everything. After following the R-rah for all this time, he catered mostly to women with his lyrics. With this one, he took it to a whole different ball park. He's speaking to the men on this one, definitely. But it's the work of the musical genius himself...so you know it's going to be hot, regardless. The one thing that I'm noticing on all of the albums coming out now is that EVERY song is featuring someone...every damn song. What's going on??? Are we not able to complete a full album alone?? For those who haven't copped the album yet, it's worth the whole $15 (Preferably spent at Hot Waxx)...I give it 4 tonguez up.

You can't build happiness off someone else's misery!!! Part II

This goes out to all my insecure people and if that's you, then dont be ashamed. If you get offended, then it must be you. Insecurity is definitely a "Relationship Murderer"...so if you want to f@*k up your relationship, just try it. With all the adversities one faces in a day, (If they have job, go to school or just handling business.) home should be the last place they need to stress over!!!

..."Who's that on your phone???" "Why didn't you answer it then???"
..."Where were you at??? Who was you with???"
..."Who's that girl/guy, where do you know them from???"
...Do you find yourself putting your phone on vibrate to avoid arguments???
...How about changing your phone number??? (Not willingly or did it to avoid issues)
...Did you change your top friends on Myspace or even better, delete your entire page???
...Do you hide your buddy list???
...Do you store numbers in "YOUR" cell phone as someone else???
...Do you consider home "Lock Down"???

If you're answering yes to all or any of these questions, you are becoming a victim/assailant. To always have to validate yourself (I call it defending your "Innocence") to your significant other is a headache. If you're not secure with yourself, then a relationship is out of the question. Many people try and force it but to me, it's a waste of time. Once the "Second Guessing" feeling began, they cannot be retracked. And that's real talk!!!

There is nothing worst than a relationship with no trust. My suggestion to all those going through it is, "Drop it like it's hot!!!"
If you're the one with the insecurity problems, some times it's good to be alone. Find out what makes you so insecure because you will never be happy if your tryin to find it in someone else. Love yourself...Talk to me...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Good Girl Gone Garbage...

(Blows breath...) After the long anticipated wait for this album (Especially, after the whole image change), I am soooo upset at the outcome of this. Let's not get it twisted, I was NEVER a fan or follower of Rihanna. I always liked the single that they may have forced me to like after playing it eleventeen times. But as far as purchasing or getting into her full album, I knew I couldn't do it. So, after hearing the "Caviar Beat" with Jay riding the track which is "Umbrella"...as well as the big hype of this "Good Girl Gone Bad", I thought the album would be kind of hot. Unfortunately, I was burning.

The first song to grab your attention is "Umbrella"...and then it's all downhill from there. The whole rest of the album is GARBAGE. I was kind of embarassed that I was playing it out loud (I should have iPod listened to it first), people were looking at me like, UmM...what the hell is this?? Most of the songs had me really thinking..."Did they listen to this album before they shrink wrapped the plastic on this trash??" Maybe it's catering to a different ear, definitely not the ears I'm using. I know she'll be somewhere on the charts this week (Due to everyone anticipating bangers). So kudos to her for whatever position she happens to fall in. But in my opinion, they need to pull these puppies right off the shelf, and lock her ass in the studio (She needs a do over, badly!!!) The whole "Good Girl Gone Bad" image, album and all....is a joke. Try again, "Little Miss Sunshine".

*UPDATE* Little Miss Sunshine has made it to #3 on the charts. Must also be anticipation sales...now everyone's tight, trying to sell their copy. (I have a couple of copies for sale too, hit me up...)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Essense of Mary J. Blige!!!

You gotta love Mary!!! She graces this cover like no other. If she's truly happy, then I'm happy for her. Mary has been through the storm (Not that she has told me personally.) Lyrically, she's told me the 411, her life (My Life), she's shared her world, how she didn't want any more drama, about love & life to now breaking through. Personally, I don't really care about Mary J. and Kendu's romantic situations.That is NOT my business!!!

Mary J. says "Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with." In the beginning of her career, Mary J. Blige wore relationship abuse and heartbreak on her sleeve. Today, after 15 years in the game, she prides herself on being free from all that drama. Here, in an intimate portrait inspired by scenes from the movie Mahogany, Mary J. and her husband, Kendu Isaacs, open up about their courtship and marriage and how breaking through Mary's pain brought them to love.

Sounds good to me, M.J.B.!!! To read more, pick up this months issue of Essence...Talk to me...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

London's bridge has fallen down!!!

Once again, please excuse me for bringing such foolishness into your lives. By no means, do I want to bring attention to Ms. London Charles (Deelishis) and her pathetic schemes to stay in the game...but I couldn't pass this one up. I guess it's safe to believe that acting wasn't her thing, nor the cheap attempt in the fashion world. Unfortunately, this one is an all time low.

I can't believe that deelishis thought after a few staples (Cosmetic Surgery) and a couple of high profile parties that she was ready for the music industry. Her debut single is titled "Rump Shaker" (Ray Charles saw that coming), is foolish and sounds really pathetic!!!

I know everyone has to make a living but the "Rump" thing is over!!! Now that they've made implants, every women has one. So I think it's time to change the focus. Here's a nice start, try singing. If my memory serves me correctly, London Charles (Deelishis) has a beautiful voice...but this is not it!!! Listen for yourself...Talk to me...


VIDEO: Hot Dollar - 'Party Like A Rockstar' (Remix)...

"They said that its so gnarly that I locked the streets!"

See Hot Dollar's video for his unofficial remix to the Shop Boyz (in stores June 19) hit record "Party Like A Rockstar!"

VIDEO: Party Like A Rockstar (Remix)

Monday, June 4, 2007

Willie Mayz...Takes the stage!!!


If you haven't heard of him, then you better ask somebody!!! This underground talent is definitely marketable, his unique style and distinctive voice puts him in a category by himself. The game has been lacking what Willie Mayz has to offer, check out his track below...To me, it's FIYAH!!! Talk to me...