Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kid Cudi Augmented Reality 'Pursuit of Happiness' Experience...

Leave it to "The Man on the Moon" to bring you to a futuristic world. Step into the "Augmented Reality" of Kid Cudi and get the full "Pursuit of Happiness" experience!

First, check out the how-to video:

Then, go to here to experience it yourself

Randy Newman Discusses 'The Princess and the Frog' Soundtrack...

As part of TVOne's special, "Diary of a Princess", Disney gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at the music from their newest animated feature, 'The Princess and the Frog'. Check out exclusive footage from the recording studio, as well as commentary from the film's stars, Grammy winning artist Ne-Yo, and the legendary composer of the songs and score, Randy Newman.

Diary of a Princess - Part 3 - Music:

Friday, December 18, 2009

VIDEO: Jam Master Jay's influence on Run-DMC's style...

Jam Master Jay's close friends Rev Run, Russell Simmons, & Sticky Fingaz talk about his influence on Run-DMC's style - A HipHopDX.com Exclusive!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bruce Willis and Queen Latifah Present... THE HIP HOP PROJECT (DVD)...

THE HIP HOP PROJECT, winner of 16 film festival awards, comes to DVD on January 5th, 2010!

"Giving inspirational a good name... vibrant and soulful." — Jeannett Catsoulis, The New York Times

"...Irresistibly uplifting... unquestionably honest... an emotional tidal flow." — John Anderson, Variety

"Inspirational... emotionally raw." — Mark Olsen, Los Angeles Times

"Inspirational... a compelling, uplifting tale." — Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter

VIDEO: The Hip Hop Project Trailer

Thursday, December 10, 2009

VIDEO: Why Jam Master Jay Called Run-DMC 'Suckas' | From '2 Turntables and A Microphone'...

Russell Simmons & Rev Run talk about Jam Master Jay's dedication to the group and why he called both Run & DMC "Suckas".

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kid Cudi Official Video Premiere: 'Pursuit of Happiness' (High Quality Version)...

Did you check out the low-res leaked version yesterday?

Now get the full "Pursuit of Happiness" HD experience.

ART: Garibaldi | “Hand In Hand” + Ambiguous Paddle Art...

Hand In Hand” / Acrylic on Ping Pong Paddles mounted to masonite

Yes, ping pong paddles. That was the challenge and inspiration for my latest piece. Which has got to be the opposite of my recent project the Kings billboard.

I chose this medium to actually be a part of a bigger collective show that is the Ambiguous Paddle Show showing this weekend, December 12th and United State Boutique in Sacramento. I wanted to depict the relationship with my wife with the imagery and paddles." - Garibaldi

VIDEO: ThisIs50 & Pac Div Talk Industry Politics, Their History, & More...

Watch Pac Div on ThisIs50.com!

Thisis50 sat with Pac Div. They speak on who they are and what they stand for, the producers involved in their album "Grown Kid Syndrome", why their group went from ten members to three, their reaction when they got signed to Universal Records, their musical background, industry politics and much much more!

And now that we have your attention, watch Pac Div's new video for "Whiplash/Young Black Male" off their underground classic "Church League Champions" mixtape.

Download: Pac Div - Church League Champions (Mixtape)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

VIDEO: MTV Talks To Pac Div About The Grown Kid Syndrome...

MTV talks to Pac Div about their upcoming debut album 'The Grown Kid Syndrome'.

"We want to bring our own sound into the game," Like said. "It's not about having big-time producers on every single track or 'insert favorite singer here, there.' It's not about celebrity status with us. It's just, like, making good music, and Church League kind of embodies that."

Watch the Full interview here:

And now that we have your attention, watch Pac Div's new video for "Whiplash/Young Black Male" off their underground classic "Church League Champions" mixtape.

Download: Pac Div - Church League Champions (Mixtape)

VIDEO: 50 Cent, Common, Kid Rock & More Talk Jam Master Jay...

Exclusive clip from 2 Turntables And A Microphone - The Life And Death Of Jam Master Jay. DVD in stores now!

50 Cent, Common, Kid Rock & more talk about Jam Master Jay’s contribution to DJing.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

VIDEO: Friday - The Animated Series Official Trailer...

Friday: The Complete Animated Series
DVD In Stores December 8, 2009

Craig and Smokey are back at it! 'Friday: The Animated Series', based on Ice Cube’s successful Friday film series, is an urban comedy about the misadventures of the dynamic duo. Similar to the film, Craig and Smokey struggle to survive family, friends and life in South Central L.A. The series includes many of the popular characters from the Friday movies, including Deebo and Craig’s dad, Mr. Jones. Relive the hijinks all over again in Friday: The Animated Series.

Official Trailer:

VIDEO: Pac Div Jokes Around With Roc4Life.com...

The jokes were flying when Marvelous Mo caught up with Pac Div for an interview on Roc4Life.com.

VIDEO: Pac Div on Roc4Life.com

And now that we have your attention, watch Pac Div's new video for "Whiplash/Young Black Male" off their underground classic "Church League Champions" mixtape.

Download: Pac Div - Church League Champions (Mixtape)

AUDIO: Gist The Essence | A Deferred Dream Mixtape...

Gist The Essence is back with another highly anticipated mixtape titled, 'A Deferred Dream'. Featuring hit singles, "To The Top (feat. Cocoa Sarai)", "A Dream Deferred (feat. Cocoa Sarai)", "Got Em Tight" and "Bad Girls". Check it out.

Download: A Dream Deferred Mixtape

Be sure to follow @GistMusic on twitter to keep updated with his upcoming projects.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Kelis Leaks New Song 'Acapella' Produced By David Guetta PLUS Message To Fans | New Sound, New Label, New Album Coming Soon...

Stop what you're doing! Kelis just leaked her new, David Guetta produced, electro-club-banger "Acapella" on Twitter (@IAmKelis).

She's back with a new sound, a new look, and even a new label (more on that later...)

"Acapella" (Produced by David Guetta)

Kelis also posted a special message to her fans on her new website www.IAmKelis.com

"Well, walking through the streets of NY this summer...I use the term walking loosely...I was extremely pregnant and probably doing more of a very slow creep down each humid sticky block...people had so much to say to me. You know us New Yorkers don't ever keep anything to ourselves...I was asked if I would ever put another album out. I suppose people assumed after the baby and divorce and all the time I took off (went to culinary school during my break which was amazing and another conversation) that it would be on to motherhood for me. And well that's true...as I lay here with my perfect little won ton now writing you all this message. My answer was always the same. "Soon come guys" ;) and so here we are. My album is pretty much done. I signed a new deal and I'm madly in love with life and ready to share something with you. My song is called "Acapella" and I wrote it with love and life in mind. I hope that it finds you well and that you love it, cause honestly I do! Muah!"


"P.S. to all the people who have stuck around and supported me all these years do know that I sincerely feel you and love you! We did this all together"

Jam Master Jay Documentary '2 Turntables And A Microphone' Official Trailer | DVD Available December ...

Jam Master Jay Documentary ‘2 Turntables And A Microphone’...

DVD In Stores 12/1/09

Official Trailer:

Lady Gaga's 'The Fame Monster' IN STORES TODAY!...

"Given the strength of these eight stopgap songs – it's amazing to think they were due to be lumped in on a re-release – Lady Gaga is the real deal. This world and others had better watch out." - MusicOMH

"It's a whole new direction and I feel every track has potential to be a single. The question is, are you ready for another year filled with Gaga?" - Jonny Alis Blog

"If you’re concerned about whether Gaga deserted the path she forged on The Fame, then fear not.“Monster,” “Telephone” and “Teeth” thump harder than anything she’s released thus far. “Bad Romance” was just a satisfying appetizer!" - BlogCritics

"The follow-up to her breakthrough album The Fame picks up where her debut left off, while reminding listeners that Lady Gaga is here to stay..... the experience promises to be monstrous." - Rap-Up

Snag your own copy of Lady Gaga's new masterpiece, 'The Fame Monster' from our Ebay Store.

"Bad Romance" Video - Official

Saturday, November 21, 2009

AUDIO: Poca the Papergirl - Stranger In The Night (feat. Skyzoo)

Count this paper with Poca The Papergirl and Brooklyn's own Skyzoo! "We made history in 2 different states, if you mention…Seattle, NYC, to B-More. But I'm back TO NYC like I left somethin'...". The Papergirl is back with a new single 'Stranger In The Night (feat. Skyzoo)' produced by Eric G. from her upcoming mixtape "Don't Judge Me"! Check It Out!

AUDIO: Poca The Papergirl - Stranger In The Night (feat. Skyzoo)

Friday, November 20, 2009

VIDEO: Method Man & Street Life Pay Tribute To ODB In Concert...

Watch Method Man & Street Life perform ODB's classic song "Brooklyn Zoo" exclusively on OnSmash.com...

New Ol' Dirty Bastard album "Message To The Other Side (Osirus Part 1)" in Hot Waxx stores now!
Order @HotWaxx1...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

VIDEO: XXL & Pac Div 'For The Love Of It'...

'A cross over dribble, to me, is like a sick metaphor. Like when you hear Jay-Z say something... that's the equivalent to dropping somebody and hitting that "J"' - Like of Pac Div on XXLmag.com

If you still haven't checked out Pac Div then let this be your official introduction. XXLmag.com gets inside the heads of Hip-Hop's most talented trio.

Watch as they talk fashion, basketball, gang-banging, & Hip-Hop in this in-depth feature.

And now that we have your attention, watch Pac Div's new video for "Whiplash/Young Black Male" off their underground classic "Church League Champions" mixtape.

Download: Pac Div - Church League Champions (Mixtape)

VIDEO: Wale Shows Off His Skills In the New DJ Hero Game and Chops It Up With Skee.TV...

Skee.TV catches up with Wale at the Activision headquaters where he cuts it up on the new interactive game, DJ Hero.

Wale gives his thoughts on the game and video games in general. Also, be on the lookout for several Wale x DJ Hero giveaways coming soon!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Beautiful Soul Singer N'dambi Live Performance Footage from Amoeba Music!

N'dambi looks and sounds just as good live. See for yourself by checking out her live performance at Amoeba Music where she performs the soulful tracks "L.I.E.", "Ooo Baby", and "Can't Hardly Wait" off her new record Pink Elephant.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ne-Yo's New Video for 'Never Knew I Needed' with Animated Clips from 'The Princess and the Frog'!

The heartfelt love ballad, "Never Knew I Needed", Ne-Yo's pop theme song from 'The Princess and the Frog' Soundtrack, is well on its way to becoming one of the top slow dance songs of the year. Now, Ne-Yo just released a new version of the video featuring footage from the upcoming film. Check it out now!

"Never Knew I Needed" Video with Animation:

Friday, November 13, 2009

VIDEO: Hell Rell Pays Homage To His Side-Piece With 'By Your Side'...

New Album "Live from Hell" In Stores Now!

Hell Rell Lives Up To His Nickname "Ruga Rell" By Dedicating A New Video To His Favorite Lady

VIDEO: Hell Rell - "By Your Side"

Check out new music from Hell Rell - I Heard They're Looking For Me

In case you missed it, check out Hell Rell's "Turn The Party Out" and "So Cold" also from off of his 'Live From Hell' album.

VIDEO: Pac Div 'Whiplash/Young Black Male'...

"I used to drive a Honda til it ran out of gas / Now I'ma push this E til it run out of class... Whiplash!"

Hip-Hop's DOPEST trio is dropping yet another video from their classic mixtape "Church League Champions".

VIDEO: Pac Div - Whiplash/Young Black Male

Download: Pac Div - Church League Champions (Mixtape)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Poca The Papergirl...

A little older and a lot wiser, this Bronx native is keeping the ball rolling. Not the previously beloved basketball dream, but her current dream of being "One of the best to pick up a Mic." A lot has changed since Poca the Papergirl’s last mixtape, “Where Poc Been?”. Image wise, she has done away with the 'Bone Straight Hair' (that most know her for), and has decided to take the spiritual route of 'Locking her hair'...“No perm just some Locks and a Long John”, is how Poca would describe it.

Another thing that has changed, in which Poca is very proud of, is that she now holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. Though she has yet to find her niche in the business world, Poca is a strong believer in fate and believes her struggles are not in vein. Instead, she believes they came in order to encourage people going through the same, by way of her music.

During her hiatus, Poca has grown and rebirthed. She is even more passionate about her story, her struggles, and her lyrics this time around than she has on her previous project. “Where Poc Been?” has allowed her to be featured in/on media outlets such as OnWaxMagazine.com, StreetCoSignor.com, SoulfullVibes.net, and Respectance.com. With guest appearances by Skyzoo, Hasan Insane, John Shotti, Wordsmith, Eric G (producer), and battle queen Lady Luck on her upcoming project, Poca is sure to gain much more media attention this time around.

With the Nikes laced up and the Polo shirt brushed off, Poca is ready to lead the movement for “Papergirls” everywhere. When asked who she is this time around, Poca simply replies,
“The Comeback Kid! Back like I never left. Ahhhhh, ha, ha, ha, ha”!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Poca The Papergirl" is Home Again!

After being in Baltimore, MD since 2003, Poca The Papergirl has decided it was time to start fresh. And since Poca's a Bronx, NY native, she wants to get her city reacquainted with who she is. There will be a lot to look forward to in her "Paper World."

"Welcome me with open arms!!!"- Poca The Papergirl

Thursday, October 29, 2009

AUDIO: Hell Rell - 'I Heard They're Looking For Me'...

One of the original members of NYC based hip hop crew Diplomats (Dipset) Hell Rell is back with ‘Live From Hell,’ a 12 track official album, his first in a year.

Born Durrell Muhammad raised in Bronx NY, he paints a visual picture of everyday life in NYC. Hell Rell is considered by many, including members of the Dipset crew, to be the leading street force. And for that he has developed an impressive ‘fanbase’. Featuring the singles 'Turn The Party Out' and 'So Cold', Live From Hell will be in Hot Waxx stores November 3, 2009. Check out the new track from upcoming album...

AUDIO: Hell Rell - "I Heard They're Looking For Me"

In case you missed it, check out Hell Rell's "Turn The Party Out" and "So Cold" also from off of his 'Live From Hell' album.

Rare Performances From The Supremes, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Gladys Knight & The Pips!

Celebrate Motown's 50th Anniversary with a collection of timeless performances by some of Motown's greatest artists, all on one DVD!

Motown: The DVD presents 18 classic and often rare television performances featuring some of the Motown’s greatest artists performing their biggest hits. Seen And Heard Are The Supremes, The Temptations, Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Martha & The Vandellas, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Gladys Knight & The Pips, And More. A joyous celebration of the Motown legacy and of the ‘60s, some of the DVD’s highlights include a live “The Tears Of A Clown” by Smokey Robinson & the Miracles on The Andy Williams Show; The Supremes with “Back In My Arms Again” on The Mike Douglas Show; the Marvelettes on Teen Town with Motown’s first Pop #1 hit “Please Mr. Postman” and Martha & the Vandellas performing “Dancing In The Street” on The Ed Sullivan Show and “Nowhere To Run” while on the Ford Mustang assembly line; a famed clip where they show deft footwork while avoiding workers continuing to build cars!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hell Rell 'Live From Hell' In Stores Nov 3 | New Tracklist & Singles...

Hell Rell Releasing New Album 'Live From Hell' On November 3.

'Live From Hell' Tracklisting:

1) Intro (2:22)
2) Turn The Party Out (2:56)
3) So Cold (3:09)
4) Close My Eyes (2:38)
5) Exterminate (3:01)
6) Return Of The Grind (2:48)
7) By Your Side (3:46)
8) So Special (3:11)
9) Profit (4:19)
10) Top Gunna Takeover (3:28)
11) Greatness (1:56)
12) Motion Picture (3:39)
13) I Heard They’re Looking For Me (2:43)

Check out the 2 new singles from Hell Rell's 'Live From Hell' album.

AUDIO: Wale New Single 'Pretty Girls' MP3 and Artwork...

Attention Deficit includes the hit "Chillin" featuring Lady Gaga and the new single "Pretty Girls" featuring Gucci Mane and Weensey of the Backyard Band. Be sure to check out "Pretty Girls" below!

MP3: Pretty Girls - Wale ft. Gucci Mane & Weensey

VIDEO: Wale 'Attention Deficit' TV Spot ...

Please Stand By! Wale's debut album, Attention Deficit, hits stores November 10th!

"The press picked me to be one of the dudes to blow up in hip-hop; let me do it. But when I do it, don’t praise me too hard, just let me do it again. I might be the best, but the world doesn’t know that yet. Then when I am number one, I will have to prove it every single time. And I will.” - Wale

Check out this 15 second TV spot for the Attention Deficit!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

VIDEO: Black Eyed Peas 'Meet Me Halfway'...

After their unprecedented 26 week run at the #1 spot on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, Black Eyed Peas are back to regain their rightful throne with a new single from their platinum album 'The E.N.D'!

Travel into the depths of space with will.i.am, Fergie, apl, & Taboo as they journey to distant planets (and even The Sun!) in their new video for "Meet Me Halfway".

VIDEO: Black Eyed Peas - Meet Me Halfway

Monday, October 12, 2009

VIDEO: Behind the Scenes with Katt Williams | Pimpadelic...

Take a trip with the hilarious comedian as he travels with his staff and hangs with fans in Washington, D.C. Check out this behind the scenes video of Katt Williams on the road! Katt Williams: Pimpadelic DVD, available tomorrow, October 13th!

Behind the Scenes (CLIP):

Sunday, October 11, 2009

VIDEO: Blanco The Silent Celebrity | "Mini" Video...

Watch Team Ikons exclusive video with Blanco 'The Silent Celeb' and Ms. Dee Block. Also, be sure to check out www.IKONSMagazine.com.

Also, be sure to follow Blanco @TheSilentCeleb and @IKONS_Magazine on twitter.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

ART: Garibaldi | “See With Love” // Closer Look At New Painting (VIDEO)...

'See With Love'
"I wanted to share with you the inspiration behind it." - Garibaldi

'There is a really inspiring young guy named Jaeson Ma who is an up and coming inspirational musician, speaker, and pastor. I was reading one of his posts on Twitter (@jaesonma) the other day that read, “3 things asking God to help me grow in & become better at 1) Listening 2) Patience 3) Selflessness”. When I read that I realized I need and want to see the world in a whole new way. So the painting reflects something that has been on my heart lately, and I don’t think it’s too much to ask if we could all see through the eyes of “Love”. Check out he video that tells the story of what it took to create this painting

Take a closer look of the painting.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

VIDEO: Gist The Essence | Live at Club Rebel NYC...

'Live the dream with us!!' - Gist The Essence

Watch the performance footage of Gist The Essence performing to a sold out crowd in NYC's Club Rebel.

In case you don't have it in your iPod, check out 'Dreams The Mixtape'. Be sure to follow @GistMusic on twitter to keep updated with his upcoming projects.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ART: Garibaldi | Dollarama Art Video: Painting On My Day Off!

"On my day off while on tour with Blue Man Group, I used my time to buy some art supplies from Dollarama ($1 Dollar Store in Canada) and create a new piece called “See With Love”. It was more of a journey than just creating a painting." - Garibaldi

About The Painting: The subject in the painting has a blind fold that says “LOVE” on it.
"I was inspired by some thoughts I had recently, and wanting to see the world with eyes of love. It is more of a personal declaration than anything else." - Garibaldi

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Katt Williams Presents 'Pimpadelic' DVD Release...

The country’s hottest comedian, Katt Williams (First Sunday, Pimpin’ Pimpin', American Hustle), showcases his laugh-out-loud comedic talents and unique charisma in Katt Williams: Pimpadelic.

Katt Williams: Pimpadelic features exclusive never before seen concert footage and an incredible rare, sit down, in-depth interview with the comedian himself. Never before have Katt Williams’ fans been granted such extensive access inside the mind of the outrageous star. Extra features include an additional bonus concert footage that had long been considered lost.

Check out the trailer! *This clip contain explicit language*

Trailer (VIDEO):

Thursday, September 17, 2009

VIDEO: A Day in the Life with Verse Simmonds (Pt. III & IV)...

You already hit the barbershop and helped him pick out a fresh new outfit. Now join the industry's smoothest bachelor, Verse Simmonds, as he chops it up with Gyant about handling constant attention and criticism from the media.

VIDEO: Day in the Life - Part III

Now it's time to grab a bottle of Nuvo and join the pre-party with Verse Simmonds and guests in DJ Trauma's bachelor pad!

VIDEO: Day in the Life - Part IV

Please be sure to check out 'The Sextape Chronicles'. With tracks like "S.E.X.", "Intoxicated Text" and "Come to Me", this new mixtape from Verse Simmonds can easily fit in rotation between R. Kelly's TP-2.com and The-Dream's Love Hate.

VIDEO Chris Spencer 'Being Jamaican Wasn't Cool Til '85' Comedy Clip...

Image Entertainment brings a special group of comics to living rooms everywhere for the entire family to enjoy. The Family Hour is hosted by Tommy Davidson (In Living Color) and features hilarity from comics AJ Jamal, Chris Spencer, Kenny Johnson, and Small Frie.

CLIP: Chris Spencer "Being Jamaican Wasn't Cool Til '85" - Chris Spencer jokes about the joys of being Jamaican

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

VIDEO: Ester Dean (feat. Chris Brown) - 'Drop It Low'...

Who Is Ester Dean?? Find out in her debut video "Drop It Low".

Look for cameos from LeBron James, Keri Hilson, Nelly, Soulja Boy, & More!!!

VIDEO: Ester Dean (feat. Chris Brown) - "Drop It Low"

VIDEO: Jay-Z | The Making of Blueprint 3 Album Cover...

Check out the making of Jay-Z's 'Blueprint 3' album cover.

In case you haven't gotten your copy yet (What the fcuk it wrong with you?), get it HERE!

Monday, September 14, 2009

More Than A Game New Trailer Featuring Ester Dean 'Drop It Low'...

New official "More Than A Game" Trailer. OnSmash.com Exclusive!!!

VIDEO: Pac Div Drops New 90's Inspired Video From The 'Church League Champions' Mixtape...

New!! "Pac Div" Video From "Church League Champions" Mixtape.

The LA trio are bringing back the raw energy of Hip-Hop with their self-titled video, complete with 90's inspired grit & in-your-face camera angles.

VIDEO: Pac Div - "Pac Div"

Download: Pac Div - Church League Champions (Mixtape)

ART: Garibaldi x Monarchs | "Monarchs Take Flight"...

Monarchs Take Flight

"This was a special project I am very proud and was honored to be a part of. I travel all over the place but being from Sacramento, there is nothing like supporting the home team. I was commissioned by the Monarchs to create a commemorative painting of the opening tip-off for their 2009 season. The Monarchs also created only 2000 lithographs of the image for their season ticket holders. So unfortunately they are already spoken for. That doesn’t mean I can’t share it with you.

I sincerely want to thank Maloof Sports & Entertainment, the Monarchs, my publishers Mike Malm and Brandon Donofrio, Heather Vaughn (and her extraordinary team), and all the fans who are going home with this special image." - Garibaldi

Friday, September 11, 2009

VIDEO: Kenny Johnson vs The Angry Homeless Dude | The Family Hour Comedy DVD...

Image Entertainment brings a special group of comics to living rooms everywhere for the entire family to enjoy. The Family Hour is hosted by Tommy Davidson (In Living Color) and features hilarity from comics AJ Jamal, Chris Spencer, Kenny Johnson, and Small Frie.

CLIP: Kenny Johnson "Angry Homeless Dude"

Have you ever run into the "Angry Homeless Dude"? Kenny Johnson sure has!

ART: Garibaldi | September 11 Tribute Painting: "Butterfly Prayer"...

Butterfly Prayer” / Created September 11th, 2009

"When I woke up today, I had no idea I was going to create this. It’s been 8 years and this is the first September 11th tribute I have ever done. As I watched CNN and most major news networks covering the memorials and honoring the many lives lost, I had a moment of inspiration came over me. The inspiration turned into a prayer, and the prayer turned into a painting.

I prayed that God would have had mercy on the innocent, and that when their time came, they just flew up to him where they belonged.

As much as I would want you to take in the actual painting, I’m more interested in you taking in the meaning" - Garibaldi