Thursday, July 19, 2007

Even though it Rains...

This is just some words that I felt like sharing with my people. Although each day that pass may not be the way you want it to be, it's going to be alright!!! It can't rain forever, the sun will shine and with the sun comes bloom.

Little girl, where's your pride?? Young man, strengthen your defenses!! There's no telling when the sun will come out for you. When and if that day comes, who's going to nurture that bloom??? Only you can!!!

I love all my "Real People"...keep respecting one another and keep moving forward with a positive force!!!

And for all my "Deep People", I could not have found a better picture it just expresses so much. The clouds are smiling while the sun is frowning. My point exactly, when your sunshine frowns, even though it may not be much...don't become content with the cloudy days....I'm out...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I think i'll let this one Ride!

When Diddy was first forming this catastrophe (Danity Kane), I wondered where they were heading. And now I where fast. I'm assuming this video received no play at all due to the fact that I never saw it. First, the name of the song is called "Ride For You" so why in the hell are they walking throughout the entire video??? Second, why are they walking so damn fast?? Who approved this video???

I take it that the words of the song meant absolutely totally didn't go together with the video at all (Sort of like Jay-Z words to Beyonce's song "Deja Vu" (Not in sync). It's no wonder they are M.I.A...well, I need not ask anymore and neither will you after you watch this video.

Please look for yourself, I don't want to laugh alone...Talk to me.

"You Know What It Is!!!"

T.I.P or T.I.?? I'll take both...they're both are killing it (If you believe in split personalities. His album has not left the charts since it has dropped (#1). If you haven't bought your copy as of yet, please visit (Shameless Plug...=0*...) to get yours.

T.I. has teamed up with Wyclef and "Rick Ross'd It" (Pushed it to the limit ). This song happens to be one of my favorites and anyone who says different, that's your business!!! I personally think the song, the beat and the video is FIYAH!!! Please be my guest and check it to me.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

One of many lessons..."Let It Go!!"

It's a banger!! Somehow, someone managed to get 3 of the most talented woman in the game (Missy , Keyshia, and Lil' Kim) together. Not only have I been missing each of these Artist, to get them all on one track is serious!!!

The ever so talented Missy Elliott, definitely has her prints on this one. She always comes from the left field (in a good way). She's extremely creative and anyone she works with she shares that energy with them. "Gotta love Missy".

Not that Miss Cole needs energy, she carries a spunk of her own. One thing that I admire about Keyshia is whenever she is singing, she sings raw (from the gut)...kind of like a baby Mary J. Blige (No harm intended). I think that's over complementing you. It's a great path to be on and Keyshia is doing her thing in this song!!

And this was just and extra jab to the gut! Lil' Kim is back and the "Game's in trouble." Though she may not look like the Lil' Kim that we grew to love (That's not our business), by the swagger you can't mistake it to be anyone else and she definitely blessed this track..."Here's a little lesson Lil'Kim don't stress em"

Check out the video below.....

Kelly Rowland needs a break, already??

I am sure everyone is familiar with the story of Kelly Rowland passing out on tour promoting her newly released album "Ms. Kelly". First, I would like to take the time out to wish her a swift and healthy recovery, but if it's your health over's your health first. There were comments made that the entire fall was a hoax, but I dont understand, why?

I personally had a chance to listen to the album and besides 2 or maybe 3 songs, there's really no reason to be dehydrated. I really had high hopes for Ms. Kelly, as I mentioned prior to her album release. I don't really expect music to be the way it was before due to the fact that everything must change. Which is a good thing but it's a let down most of the time.

Out of respect for Kelly Rowland, we did not feel it was appropriate to post the actual footage of her could have been fatal ...Talk to me...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Queen Of En-Why is now the Talk Of En-Why...

Here we go again. Another artist in the news...with everyone assuming sh*t. No one was there but the people that were there...therefore, no one knows the full story but them and God. From the time that the incident occurred until now, I've heard so many different versions of the situation. I've heard that it was sort of a "Lesbian Scuffle" to it now being over money. After reading and hearing so many versions, unless it comes from the horses mouth and not the horses ass...I don't want to hear it. I've learned how to separate them from their job and just look at them as regular human beings. There's so many people mentioning how "stupid she is" or how "she could have beaten her up" or even "had someone do it for her". As I mentioned before, no one was there, so don't judge. I don't care how "High Profile" a person is, when it comes down to it, they react how you and I would.

Regardless to how much money she makes, if someone stole my money and I knew who it'll be a damn problem, bottom line. From what I personally know about Rem, she's not that type of person. Of course, everyone has their different levels of "Piss-tivity" that they can be pushed to. And if she did do it, I guess she was "Rick Ross'd (Pushed to the limit)". The way that the victim is being portrayed in the media, is unbelievable. They're mentioning how she graduated college, and how she was shot in the car that her mother bought as her graduation gift...SO THE FU*K WHAT!!! In my opinion, there's a reason why her @$$ is laying up in the hospital. Remy doesn't seem like the type of person to do what the media is saying she did (Walk up to her car, open the driver side door and shoot Makeda Barnes in the stomach.)

They are definitely making her out to be something like a monster and she's nothing like that. I really just hope she gets out of this one...for herself and her children. What was read in the media, they were supposedly like sisters or whatever. The storyline doesn't sound right to me. I really wouldn't want to see her go down like that. Looking pass all of the jewels and the glamorous life, she doesn't deserve this. Get at me...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

oOo Mario!!!

He's back and as suave as ever!! Mario's recent single "How Do I Breathe" is leaving young ladies breathless. Mario definitely is in a class by himself.

His highly anticipated album set to be released this August, needs to be a BANGER!!! (Don't let us down, Mario!!!) Check out his video for his lastest single. I could have done without the whole upside down idea too much emphasis on the nostrils!!! Check it out below..

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Adidas Metro Attitudes and Decades

Adidas is most definitely stepping up their game in the sneaker department with these. The newly released Metro Attitude High tops and Decade lows(both with a matching bag) are something to stop, look at, and purchase. These newly released sneakers should be available in most stores that carry Adidas products, so go get yours so you too can be a star!

Nike Shaved Ice Pack

Obviously it's hot in the Summertime so why not throw some ice on your feet? . The Kakigori pack aka Shaved Ice Pack is said to be an Asia Exclusive release which is set to hit stores July 14th, so be on the lookout for these kix.

July '07 Air Jordan Release Dates

July is most definitely not the month for Jordans, you be the judge....

07/??(TBD) Air Jordan XI Retro Low IE Kid's
*NOTE these will only be released as a children's release from Crib to Grade school*
306006-173 White/Metallic Gold

07/07/2007 Jordan Rising Star
316337-001 Black/Metallic Silver-Varsity Red

07/21/2007 Air Jordan XI Retro Low IE L'Style (limited release to urban accounts & niketowns)
316319-171 White/Varsity Maize-Azure

07/21/2007 Air Jordan XXII 5/8 Low
316381-141 White/Orange Blaze-University Blue

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Definitely Came Out of the Field...Left Field that is, Mr. Buddz...

I have to admit, when I was hearing this name being mentioned, I honestly didn't know who he was. Then I was reminded that he's the guy who sings "Come Around". But after giving his album a first time listen, I was very much feeling it. It has that "Back in the day...Bob Marley" feel to it. I've personally stopped listening to Reggae/Jamaican music since "Wi Nuh Like" (Spragga Benz) or "Tour" (Capleton).

They had a couple of bangers that caught my attention, of course, Sean Paul, Cham, Elephant Man. (Unfortunately, all commercial tracks, so I had no other choice). But just like everything else, reggae music isn't what it used to be. Collie Buddz is bringing it back.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Independence Day!!!

To all family, friends and non-friends...from everyone here at the Loose Tonguez family, make sure you have a safe and happy one.