Saturday, July 31, 2010

VIDEO: Get Ya Heard Webisode, Vol. 2 (feat. Shad P)...

Shatek The Producer and Get Ya Heard presents 'Shad P' of Rosedale, Queens.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

AUDIO: Gist The Essence | Summer Madness Mixtape...

'With temperatures rising fast, Gist The Essence is back again to deliver more heat.' Gist has released yet ANOTHER highly anticipated mixtape titled, "Summer Madness" hosted by DJ Envy & DJ Whutevva. Featuring hit singles, "Rollercoaster (feat. Cocoa Sarai)", "All In" and "Come On to the Life (feat. Cocoa Sarai)". Check it out.

Download: Summer Madness Mixtape

"A Dream Deferred (feat. Cocoa Sarai)" music video which will be out some time this August. Followed by this years biggest show on August 19th. Be sure to follow @GistMusic on twitter to keep updated with his upcoming projects.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

VIDEO: Exclusive New Clip from JUST ANOTHER DAY | Available on DVD Now!

An all-star cast including Ja Rule and “THE WIRE’S” Wood Harris & Jamie Hector reunite in an edge-of-your-seat film about the trials and tribulations of working in the hip-hop industry, JUST ANOTHER DAY, available on DVD and Blu-ray NOW!

Rapper "A-Maze" (Wood Harris) learns the hard side of the music industry...
(Warning: Adult Language and Some Violence)

VIDEO: In Studio With Aaron Smith Working On 'Love Stoned' Mixtape...

Some artists write their lyrics on a Blackberry... Aaron Smith prefers an iPad

Aaron just posted exclusive new footage on his blog of him working on his upcoming Aaron Smith is Love Stoned mixtape. Check out the video below.

Watch Aaron Smith (aka Shwayze) in the studio making "If That's What You Want" from his upcoming Aaron Smith is Love Stoned mixtape.

VIDEO: Gilbere Forte' "Reflection Of Who I Am" + Karmaloop TV Interview...

On the road promoting his fresh debut, 87 Dreams, Gilbere Forte recently caught up with and Karmaloop TV, sharing some insights on his music and the painful 10 hour days it took to shoot the "Black Chukkas" video!

VIDEO: Gilbere Forte "Reflection of Who I Am" w/

VIDEO: Gilbere Forte x Karmaloop TV...

If you haven't already, be sure to download Gilbere Forte's heralded debut, 87 Dreams below!

Download: Gilbere Forte - 87 Dreams

AUDIO: Shareefa | The Misunderstanding of Shareefa Mixtape...

Shareefa has returned with the prelude to her sophmore album "The Secret". The mixtapes is hosted by Don Cannon and features production by Chucky Thompson, The Trackmasters, Don Cannon and guest appearances by Raheem Devaughn.

Album Review definitely coming soon!

VIDEO: Get Ya Heard Webisode, Vol. 1 (feat. Billy Blanco)...

He's back!! Shatek The Producer presents 'Get Ya Heard: Webisode, Vol.1' with Queens own Billy Blanco.

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VIDEO: Get Ya Heard Webisode, Vol. 1 (feat. Frank Po)...

Shatek The Producer and 'Get Ya Heard' presents Frank Po outta Southside, Queens. Also, from the 'Get Ya Heard Webisode, Vol. 1'.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

VIDEO: A Day In The Life Of Kelis...

AOL cameras trailed Kelis during the very-hectic day after her album release in NYC.

Spend more than five hours with Kelis and you'll delve into a personality that is polar opposite of what tabloid magazines and gossip websites have portrayed the 30-year-old Harlem native to be. Contrary to popular belief, she doesn't carry around a gold sack filled with her ex-husband Nas' riches. She's not hip-hop's wicked witch either, looking to cast an evil spell on God's Son. She's more of a worldly bitch, but in the "I'm-fierce-and-comfortable-in-my-own-skin-but-don't-cross-me" kind of way. - via AOL's The Boombox

VIDEO: A Day In The Life Of Kelis...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

VIDEO: Exclusive Clip for JUST ANOTHER DAY | Available on DVD Now!

Ja Rule and “THE WIRE’SWood Harris & Jamie Hector reunite in a pulse-pounding film about the brutal hip-hop industry, JUST ANOTHER DAY, available on DVD and Blu-ray NOW!

"You Hungry?" Exclusive Clip
Jamie Hector and Wood Harris have quite a scare on their way to lunch...
(Warning: Adult Language and Some Violence)

Shatek The Producer Presents 'Get Ya Heard'...

'Get Ya Heard' is an idea that's been in the works since the beginning of 2010. It is designed to help artist not only get to be heard but now to be seen as well. If people don't like your music, maybe they will like your presence. They both go hand to hand. Artist can get in contact with Shatek The Producer so he can 'Get Ya Heard'.

Send your emails to
And also, follow both @GetYaHeard or @Shatek on Twitter.

Be on the lookout for the "Get Ya Heard' Webisodes.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

VIDEO: Kelis Acoustic Performance Of 2 Songs From 'Flesh Tone' Live At The Cherrytree House...

Kelis Performs Music From Her New Album Flesh Tone - Live At The Cherrytree House.

VIDEO: "22nd Century"

: "Brave"

Gilbere Forte' Presents '87 Dreams' | 17 FREE Original Tracks!

Ladies and gents... Please enjoy the highly anticipated debut release from Gilbere Forte', 87 Dreams, featuring 17 original tracks including "1st Floor", "Black Chukkas", "My Time", and more!

Download: Gilbere Forte - 87 Dreams


1. 1st Floor (feat. Freelance Whales)
2. Why I'm Here
3. Black Chukkas (feat. Raak)
4. Burn Me Down (feat. Raak)
5. Blo
6. Money (feat. Christina Martinez)
7. A Place We Go
8. 30,000 Feet
9. Valerie Mimosa
10. 87 Dreams Interlude
11. Hot
12. My Time (feat. STS)
13. Reflections
14. Griffith Park (feat. Diz Gibran)
15. Mystery
16. Cold Summer (feat. Brian Underwood)
17. The Best

Monday, July 19, 2010

VIDEO: Fred the Godson - So Crazy (OFFICIAL HD)...

Fred the Godson drops the OFFICIAL video for "So Crazy" featuring eye candy in straightjackets and cameo appearances from Fat Joe and Cory Gunz.

Directed by Mills Miller

VIDEO: Fred the Godson - So Crazy

In case you missed it - Fred the Godson GOES IN over the DJ Premier produced classic, "N.Y. State of Mind" by Nas. Check it out!

"You better stay calm, you know I'm armed brother / Son'll shoot for your Cavs, Lebron's mother" - Fred the Godson

AUDIO: Fred the Godson - On Da Real (Freestyle)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

AUDIO: "Industry Ready" Vito | "Ur All Welcome" Mixtape...

"Industry Ready" Vito is back with yet another anticipated mixtape, "Ur All Welcome" hosted by Love Dinero 'The Mixtape General'. With the majority of this album being produced by 'Kashmilli' and with features from artists Clarisa Rose, G. Rooney, Kashmilli, G-Soul and Willie B. Dot, it's guaranteed to be a #CertifiedBanger! Check it out.

Download: "Ur All Welcome" Mixtape


1. Frank White (Ur All Welcome Intro)
2. Vito - The Voice
3. Vito (feat. Kashmilli) - I'm Good
4. Vito - It's a Party
5. Vito - GoodDay NY
6. Vito - Put'n Dat Work
7. Double Up
8. Vito (feat. G.Rooney & Kashmilli) - Can't Leave'm Alone
9. Vito (feat. Clarisa Rose) - Say Goodbye
10. Vito - Fly High
11. Vito (feat. G. Rooney) - Rockin wit da best
12. Vito (feat. G-Soul) - Betterdays
13. Vito - Yal Tellin
14. Vito - Ya'll Should Know
15. Vito & Willie B. Dot - Gangsta Gangsta

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Trailer: Fabolous Joins RydazNrtisT for "Cakes" Music Video...

Check out the video trailer for RydazNrtisT featuring Fabolous "Cakes".
Things get a little sweet and sticky in this preview for the Nick Cannon directed music video. Watch as the trio and their labelmate Fab become master chefs in the kitchen. This is definitely no ordinary bakery!

(Music Video Trailer): "Cakes" featuring Fabolous

Introducing Brian Culbertson's '12 Days of XII' | 'Skies Wide Open' (feat. Avant) Soars to Top 15...

“12 Days of XII” Online Campaign celebrates Brian Culbertson's 'XII' album with video features, podcasts and more.

Skies Wide Open” (feat. Avant) Soars Into Urban AC Top 15

Each day for 12 days beginning Wednesday, July 14th, a new video feature and a new audio podcast--both tied to one of the album’s 12 songs and presented in tracklist order -- will be available at XII (GRP Records) will be released July 20, 2010.

Giving video shout-outs will be Avant and other album guests--Go-Go party jam master Chuck Brown, 21st century soul man Kenny Lattimore and the renowned Ray Parker Jr. Videos will also include favorite clips from the video blog Culbertson created during the making of the album, behind-the-scenes footage from the music video for XII’s first Urban AC single, “Skies Wide Open” (feat. Avant) (which has already cracked the Top 15 on that chart) and more. Meanwhile, each podcast will reveal Culbertson’s thoughts about that day’s featured song. The content will be refreshed daily at 1 p.m. ET and then archived at his YouTube site (

Check out Chuck Brown's shout out and thank you to Brian Culbertson and download the first podcast below!

VIDEO: Chuck Brown on Brian Culbertson

PODCAST: Day 1 - Feelin' It

Jodeci and 112 Remakes Featured on Brutha's Mixtape | Two Tracks Inside...

Brutha Covers Jodeci, 112 and R. Kelly on Mixtape
The last male R&B group standing pays homage to the greats by covering classic love songs on their mixtape, Destination: Short Stay. Check out two tracks below!

Brutha yearns for another chance and blends their soulful five-part harmonies on "Last Time". True R&B heads will definitely recognize the production. The guys really need those pretty brown eyes back in their lives! On Brutha's latest single "Can't Get Enough" they admit to being certified sex-a-holics so it's only fitting they cover "Freek'N You" by Jodeci. Raise your hand if you played "The Show, The After-Party, The Hotel" every freakin' day and every freakin' night. 90's R&B will never go out of style!

AUDIO: Last Time & Freek'N You

WATCH: Jamie Hector, Wood Harris and Ja Rule star in JUST ANOTHER DAY!

Ja Rule and “THE WIRE’S” Wood Harris & Jamie Hector reunite in a pulse-pounding film about the brutal hip-hop industry, JUST ANOTHER DAY!

Check out the trailer:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nick Cannon & Def Jam Present R&B Trio RydazNRtist | Debut Single "Cakes" (feat. Fabolous)...

R&B Trio RydazNRtist Serves Up Debut Single "Cakes". The latest signees to Def Jam/NCredible are ready to satisfy your sweet tooth with this bass rattlin' track featuring labelmate Fabolous. This one is so hot it's drippin' off the plate!

AUDIO: RydazNRtist | Cakes (feat. Fabolous)

Fun facts about RydazNRtist:

* Their unique name is in fact an exact description of their group and each individual, not only a combination of their names, but a definition of who they are: Writers and Artists.
* Opening act on Mariah Carey’s 2010 Angels Advocate Tour
* Members Reuben and GabrielGQCannon are Nick Cannon's younger brothers
* RydazNRtist on their music: “We’re not trying to set ourselves apart from the people who hear our music. We’re trying to say, ‘Yo, we’re just like y’all.' It's kind of like a mirror image of our public. We are the people we’re singing to.”

VIDEO: Kelis Gives An Intimate Performance At The Cherrytree House...

Kelis Live at the Cherrytree House - Part 1 [Video]

As Kelis preps for the All Hearts Tour w/ Cherrytree Records artist Robyn, she made a guest appearance at the Cherrytree House for an intimate performance of "4th of July (Fireworks)."

VIDEO: Kelis Live at the Cherrytree House Part 1

AUDIO: Gilbere Forte' - Take One x Dawn | 87 Dreams Coming 7/20!

On 7/20, Gilbere Forte' will drop his eagerly awaited debut, 87 Dreams. Until then, he's released another audio treat sampling Public Enemy's "Lost at Birth" and psychedelic rock band Tame Impala's "Alter Ego". Check it out!

AUDIO: Gilbere Forte' - Take One x Dawn

Also - don't miss the official video trailer for 87 Dreams!

VIDEO: Gilbere Forte' - 87 Dreams (Trailer)

Monday, July 12, 2010

AUDIO: Fred the Godson 'On Da Real' Freestyle...

Fred the Godson drops an ill freestyle over the DJ Premier produced classic, "N.Y. State of Mind" by Nas. Check it out!

"You better stay calm, you know I'm armed brother / Son'll shoot for your Cavs, Lebron's mother" - Fred the Godson

AUDIO: Fred the Godson - On Da Real (Freestyle)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

AUDIO: Gilbere Forte' - I Know My Love...

Rapidly rising newcomer Gilbere Forte' drops a new upbeat summer banger, "I Know My Love"! Check it out below!

AUDIO: Gilbere Forte' - I Know My Love

In case you missed it - Gilbere Forte' shows he's just as quick on his feet as he is with his rhymes in the brand new video for "Black Chukkas" directed by Chris Robinson (Lil Wayne, Nas, Alicia Keys) and Iren!

R&B/Jazz Musician Brian Culbertson to Release Twelfth CD — XII | FREE Download of "Skies Wide Open" (feat. Avant)...

R&B/Jazz multi-instrumentalist Brian Culbertson to release twelfth CD, XII -- featuring an all-star line-up of guests including Avant, Brian McKnight, Kenny Lattimore, Faith Evans and More!

The smooth keys of Brian Culbertson meet the velvety vocals of R&B vocalist Avant on the sulky first single "Skies Wide Open"!

Download "Skies Wide Open" for FREE by finding the 12 hidden 12's on

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

R&B Phenoms BRUTHA Present Five-Part "Vacancy" Video Series...

Brutha (The Harrell Brothers) want all the ladies to check into their hotel of sex, love, fun and more. Watch as Anthony, Grady and Jake give you a sneak peek at what goes on behind closed doors...and shower curtains in the "Vacancy" Video Series.

In room 29, Anthony and a seductive beauty play a love game complete with handcuffs and some baby makin' music. (This video is NSFW)

Trailer: Anthony "Vacancy"

Grady, the gentleman likes to cherish a woman's body in slow motion. Watch as he fulfills his lady's fantasy with a bed full of roses and some tender lovin'.

Trailer: Grady "Vacancy"

Jake's exotic beauty plays coach and things get a little steamy in Part Three of the video series. He shoots, he scores!

Trailer: Jake "Vacancy"

Stay tuned for Part Four and Five of the "Vacancy" video series.

Friday, July 2, 2010

VIDEO: Poca The Papergirl on BET's 'The Deal'...

If you missed yesterday's episode of BET's "The Deal', here’s what went down on “The Corner”.

VIDEO: The Deal | Exclusives | The Corner with Underground Artists

Be sure to download Poca The Papergirl's latest mixtape,
...And keep up with The Papergirl Movement on Twitter @ThePapergirl...