Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sade Speaks On New Album + Rave Reviews | 'Soldier of Love' In Hot Waxx 2/9/10....

Soldier” was one of those songs we really had to fight with and even abandon for a while. But I think that that strengthened the rest of the album, because it was always there inside my head and somehow made its way into the other songs, that sort of feeling of being in the world which is a sort of wasteland or a place where there’s a struggle but somehow you have a purpose. At the end of that struggle, there’s light. - Sade Adu on the making of Sade's new album "Soldier of Love" - In Hot Waxx 2/9/10

VIDEO: Making the "Soldier of Love" music video

The critics (and one fellow songstress) are already raving about "Soldier of Love"...

Sade enters their fourth decade of existence with a sixth studio album. And what an entrance!... Of course, at its center is Sade Adu's incomparable voice, which sounds as passionately poised as it did on 1984's Diamond Life. - (8/10 rating)

The 10 tracks on Soldier flow seamlessly together—showcasing the harmonious spiritual connection between Paul Spencer Denman, Andrew Hale, Stuart Matthewman and lead singer, Sade Adu. -

"When it comes to sexy, smooth, elegant R+B music, Sade IS the standard. I can't wait to hear her new work." - Christina Aguilera

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