Thursday, April 29, 2010

VIDEOS: Ludacris hits NYC, DC, and ATL on his 2010 CENSUS 'Luda on the Block Tour'...

In the previous two webisodes from the Luda on the Block Tour, Ludacris hit up Dallas and New Orleans successfully creating awareness and getting people to send back their Census forms! In these next three webisodes Ludacris hits New York City, D.C., and his hometown, Atlanta!

Ludacris Explains How Census Saves NYers Time

“It’s understandable,” says Ludacris, “but the Census can be attributed to getting the resources to increase subway and bus frequency so that they can actually get a seat instead of packing in. Children and adults can enjoy neighborhood parks that are maintained and upgraded to accommodate their community. Schools, seniors and emergency services will improve as well. I let them know they must be counted to see these types of changes.”

Luda tells DC Community ‘Get Your Part of $400 Billion in Federal Funds’

“It’s clear that there are still people in certain neighborhoods who really don’t understand the importance of being counted and need the facts fast,” said Ludacris. “As the bedrock for change, with President Obama and family residing right there on Pennsylvania Avenue, the nation’s capital at the time of this taping had a low 52% response rate for the 2010 Census. I went to help change that.”

Ludacris brings his daughter along as he leads the Luda on the Block tour to his hometown of Atlanta.

Ludacris, who has continued his mission through Dallas, New Orleans, New York, DC and now his hometown of Atlanta, has a greater understanding of reasons why people have ignored a chance to get their community’s share of $400 billion dollars in federal funding but works hard to dispell any false information and deliver the facts straight!

In case you missed it, check out the first two webisodes (New Orleans and Dallas) of this 5 part series!

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