Thursday, July 15, 2010

AUDIO: "Industry Ready" Vito | "Ur All Welcome" Mixtape...

"Industry Ready" Vito is back with yet another anticipated mixtape, "Ur All Welcome" hosted by Love Dinero 'The Mixtape General'. With the majority of this album being produced by 'Kashmilli' and with features from artists Clarisa Rose, G. Rooney, Kashmilli, G-Soul and Willie B. Dot, it's guaranteed to be a #CertifiedBanger! Check it out.

Download: "Ur All Welcome" Mixtape


1. Frank White (Ur All Welcome Intro)
2. Vito - The Voice
3. Vito (feat. Kashmilli) - I'm Good
4. Vito - It's a Party
5. Vito - GoodDay NY
6. Vito - Put'n Dat Work
7. Double Up
8. Vito (feat. G.Rooney & Kashmilli) - Can't Leave'm Alone
9. Vito (feat. Clarisa Rose) - Say Goodbye
10. Vito - Fly High
11. Vito (feat. G. Rooney) - Rockin wit da best
12. Vito (feat. G-Soul) - Betterdays
13. Vito - Yal Tellin
14. Vito - Ya'll Should Know
15. Vito & Willie B. Dot - Gangsta Gangsta

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