Wednesday, September 28, 2011

VIDEO: Siya | I Put N'ggas On...

"In Siya's video 'I Put N'ggas On,' she imparts her street-smarts to an underling like a hip-hop Yoda in the backseat of a Maybach. She doesn't candy-coat the risks of rising to fame amid predators and haters. But Siya conveys an acumen that can elevate her hip-hop prodigies without them having to compromise or sell their souls." Video directed by Mike Ho.

VIDEO: Siya - I Put N'ggas On

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BLESSED! said...

Great video and great Song, I have yet to see any1 of this "class" meaning female Mcz come close to what Siya is bringing when it comes to what she brings us with her videos "mini movies" and this is one of the reasons why I see her crossing over very soon..I could see this video on BEt or MTV..early female Jay in my eyes..Blessings to her n her camp.