Monday, March 12, 2007

Godfather of Soul, Rest In Peace...Finally!!!

I'm so glad to hear that he finally lays to rest 76 days after his passing, on Christmas Day. I'm hearing and also reading how Al Sharpton is playing up the situation. He mentions how "it was very emotional" and how Brown would be proud that his children had "the integrity to do what was right", despite the fight over his estate and other properties. You know, this really gets to me, due to the fact that this was suppose to be done a long time ago. It's not about his children having "the integrity to do what's right", it was supposed to be done anyway. The fact that this man was kept out of the ground, due to an estate dispute, is really ludicrous. "This is what James wanted, for the family to come together," says Deanna Brown Thomas, one of the singer's daughters which the service at her Beech Island Home was held. It baffles me, how everyone is making it seem as if this man just died last week. He would have wanted his family to come together, but I doubt that he would have wanted to be held captive and a "temperatured controlled room" until everyone decided how things were going to be split up. Don't try to pull the wool over our eyes, the situation is wrong. The fact that this man was a legend and was treated that way, just goes to show you that these people are as shady as Howard K. Stern in the Anna Nicole Smith Case.

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