Friday, March 2, 2007

HotWaxx1: About Us - An Introduction

We’re sure there will be times when we may be considered “Haters” for expressing our opinions on this site. Haters we are not. Call us, “Analytical Realists”, tired of our fellow men/women being exploited. Here’s where we’ll keep it real as it can get. We’ll focus on individuals that ought to be recognized. This is not your typical, unreal reality show!

HotWaxx1's Blog was established to shed light on the many things going on in the ‘real’ world as well as in world of entertainment, that have for far too long been overlooked. We couldn’t just sit around and have futile discussions about issues that ought to be a part of our daily dialogues. So, we’ve created this site so that we can communicate feelings that are not only our own but are ideas shared by our communities both on and offline.

Are you ready for HotWaxx1 ?

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