Thursday, March 8, 2007

The White Rapper's Egotrip

For all those who kept up with the reality show on VH1, Egotrip's (White) Rapper Show, should recognize the face in the picture to the left, to the left. But if you're like me, you need a little description because the face didn't ring any bells. This is David Shinavar, otherwise known as Dasit. He is described as "a dude who looks like an office worker gone postal who sounds sorta like Eminem and is best friends with MC Hammer." I don't consider myself a "Dedicated Viewer" of the show, but I caught it when I could. To my knowledge, Dasit was the first one to be kicked off in episode 1. They were given a challenge, the losers of the challenge was told to write 16 bars about the South Bronx in 30 minutes. So when it came down to it, Dasit came back with nothing, and explained that's not what he does. He can't be put in a room and told to write 16 bars on a topic that he's not feeling, with no music. So in a nutshell, MC Serch told him to STEP OFF!!!! And by the sounds of his latest track, he sounds kind of bitter behind that. He channeled his anger into this track "HATER 2" and he dissed MC Serch and two of his fellow roommates.

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