Friday, March 9, 2007

10 Years Later...Still Unbelievable!!!

It hurts me to write this, but as a person who idolized and looked up to Christopher Wallace, aka Frank White, Big Poppa, and better known as The Notorious B.I.G., it's only right I speak my mind about the King of New York.

"It was all a dream" At 12 years old, ya boy Rookie was a heartthrob never, considered black and ugly as ever. For others who were in the same boat, Biggie showed us how to love ourselves and go for what we know, no matter what. Well at least that's what he taught me.

In the 5 short, unforgettable years of his career. B.I.G. gave us his vivid tales of sex, money, power and respect. His rhymes were simple, but very clever. It was like he didn't even have a pattern for writing his rhymes, he just said whatever was on his mind while sticking to the subject at hand. He gave us style, showed us how to hustle, and opened doors for alot of new hip hop artists. Regardless of genre of music, he seemed to fit in them all. The soulful "Playa Hater", West Coast banger "Going Back To Cali", the laid back "Big Poppa", and who can forget how he outdid Bone Thugs N' Harmony's style on "Notorious Thugs".

I can go on and on and on about the Greatest of All Time (and I don't mean LL Cool disrespect), but his legacy will never die.

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