Sunday, March 18, 2007

21st Annual Soul Train Music Awards...Derailed???

Where do I start?? From the beginning to the end of the show, was a disappointment. Let's start with host...I'm going to pull the 5 W's and the H out on this one. WHO the hell chose LeToya Luckett and Omarion to host the show?? WHAT the hell were they thinking?? WHEN that person came to the final decision, were they drinking??? WHERE the hell are the REAL EXPERIENCED HOSTS/MUSICIANS??? WHY is it that they think that just because a "Known Celebrity" is hosting, that'll make the show better?? HOW wrong were they??

I caught it at the tail end of Robin Thicke's performance, according to what I was told, I didn't miss much. After his performance, they gave out an award for "Best Soul or Rap Dance Cut", it was the first or second award handed out. I can't remember the nominees, but I do remember that the award went to DJ WEBSTAR and YOUNG B (Now you know I'm so disgusted behind that). Don't get me wrong, I guess awards are given based on what was hot that year. The whole "Chicken Noodle Soup" bit, was cute, I guess...but I can't believe that it was taking serious enough to have gotten a Soul Train Award (AND the first one at that!!!). In my opinion, they sOoO don't represent music to me. There's so many other people that has a strong message in their music, and they didn't get an award, let alone was even nominated.

Which takes me on to the "Sammy Davis Jr. Award" for "Entertainer of the Year". Now, once again, I don't know what the qualifications for this award is, but this award went to Jennifer Hudson. Don't get me wrong, she has been doing her thing lately...with the movie and all. But how did they come to the conclusion that out of all the people in the music industry, that has been clawing they're way to the top, that the award should go to Jennifer Hudson?? Did I miss something???

Jay-Z won the Michael Jackson award for best soul or rap video for "Show Me What You Got." Beyonce won best female single for "Irreplaceable". (This song was hot but she won over Mary J. Blige's "Take Me As I Am"...the message in that song shuts down "Irreplaceable" any day of the year.)

The Isley Brothers Featuring Ronald Isley won best album for a group, band or duo for "Baby Makin' Music."

Ne-Yo was awarded "Best New Soul or Rap Artist for "Sexy Love" while "Best Gospel Album" went to Kirk Franklin for "Sounds from the Storm, Volume 1."

Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds was presented the Stevie Wonder Award for "Outstanding Career Achievement in Song Writing". (It's about time...he's only been writing songs since B.C.)

Jamie Foxx won "Best Male Album" for "Unpredictable" while Mary J. Blige won "Best Female Album" for "The Breakthrough." (I was extremely excited behind this one. If it had went to anyone else, I would have been upset.)

John Legend won best male single for "Save Room," and Gnarls Barkley won for best single in the category for group, band or duo for "Crazy."

Even as far as the tribute to James Brown, what was that??? They basically had Ronald Isley sing two of his songs, that wasn't no damn tribute. That show definitely put me at my highest level of disgust. I can go on and on about that show last night, with honestly nothing good to say about it. So for those who missed the show or forgot to press record on the TiVo, TRUST ME, IT WASN'T WORTH RUNNING RED LIGHTS TO GET TO. OR WASTING SPACE ON TiVo.

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