Monday, March 12, 2007


Today, I got a chance to hear the remix to “Ice Box” featuring Fabolous, Usher, and Omarion. Now, I may be wrong so I need some feedback, but was this supposed to be a “REMIX” or a “REMAKE”??? I am so tired of Artist being lazy with their craft, if you're NOT going to ride a different beat, at least show a little CREATIVITY with your verses. I don’t know why this is being called a Remix. Furthermore, I don’t know why it took three Artist to make this possible. Ohh!! A few different words?? Or, is it featured "Artist" with their "Never Duplicated" style. I think not.....You Be The Critic!!!!!!!

Remixes, just aren't what they use to be. Care to take a trip with me down memory lane ??? Remember when Mary J. Blige came out with the remix to “ No More Drama” in 2002??? Now, that is what we like to call a “REMIX”. And just in case you don’t understand, press play!!!!…….When you're done, get at me….MZ3NAQTR[at]

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