Monday, March 12, 2007

The Queen Gives Us Life Support

"What appealed to me about the project is that I could relate to the story. I spent a lot of time in Brooklyn during my teenage years, and I was very fortunate to come through that time period healthy, and to change my life and get back on course. I can relate to the character of Ana in that respect.", says Queen Latifah.

In her youth, Ana made choices that wrecked her life and crippled her family. Now, she's trying to give something back. But winning over strangers is a lot easier than winning back your family. Oscar®-nominee Queen Latifah stars in this powerful drama about an HIV-positive Brooklyn woman who channels her energy and regret over her past drug addiction into working for an AIDS outreach group. Her passion for her job displays her deep desire for atonement, but her stubbornness threatens to drive her already-strained family even further away, leading her to learn a lesson about loving and letting go. Anna Deavere Smith, Wendell Pierce (HBO's The Wire), Rachel Nicks and Evan Ross co-star. Directed by Nelson George, Written by Nelson George and Jim McKay & Hannah Weyer.

Some other Awesome Actor that contributed to this Outstanding production (GLORIA REUBEN, TONY ROCK, DARRIN HENSON, TRACEE ELLIE ROSS, RAYELLE PARKER)

An HBO Films Presentation
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Queen Latifah did her thing on this one. Overall, the movie was excellent it had a good message...very informative. The topic was well overdue to be addressed. I am sure many people can relate, if not directly then maybe indirectly. The AIDS epidemic is a subject that many Actors/Actresses or Writers haven't tackled. So "Hats Off" Ms. Dana Owens!!!..."Real Is Always Right."

If you missed the premiere, you should be able to catch it on" HBO On Demand".

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